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  • As much as you prepare for an interview, things can go terribly wrong. A question that you never thought of comes up and you can’t answer it. The interviewer digs deeper into why you really left your last job or how did...

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Michael Weamer, President and CEO of the Marfan Foundation, has been involved with NYSAE for over a decade. Michael's commitment to the organization and the not-for-profit sector is second to none.

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NYSAE Board and Committees Discuss Three-Year Operational Plan
NYSAE’s Board, with input from committee members, is working on a three-year Operating Plan, spearheaded by NYSAE member Doug Brown, CEO of Paradigm Associates...

IRS Makes Electronically Filed Form 990 Data Available in New Format
The Internal Revenue Service announced that the publicly available data on electronically filed Forms 990 will now be available for the first time in a machine-readable format through Amazon Web Services (AWS)...

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  • NAPNAP has been having a robust conversation about its relationships with pharma. We adhere to all the current guidelines related to CE and other grants and activities. Our recent board conversation centers around some pharma companies that have placed a financial...


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