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Advancing and serving the profession of association and not-for-profit management since 1919.

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  • T h ere were maybe thirty people sitting on sofas and chairs in a walk-up apartment in lower Manhattan. Every eye was focused on one person, an attractive young woman, the only one standing, who struggled trying to lift...

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Michael Weamer, President and CEO of the Marfan Foundation, has been involved with NYSAE for over a decade. Michael's commitment to the organization and the not-for-profit sector is second to none.

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NYSAE Chair Michael Weamer Sees More Volunteer-Driven Organization
"This past year, NYSAE’s Board of Directors did yeoman’s work as they conducted a deep dive into where we are, where we are going, and how we are going to get there," said Michael Weamer, Chair of NYSAE and CEO of the Marfan Foundation...

Guiding Your Association Through Change
We are like the talking heads on a nightly news show—dismissive of all views that don't conform to our own. Whether the national presidential election's toxic name-calling and mud-slinging has caused—or is a product of—the rise in rudeness is impossible for me to say...

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  • Hi, I administer the community outreach program at the ICSC Foundation. Our community awards recognize corporate social responsibility in the retail real estate industry, however our overarching mandate is to engage the community and promote, recognize and...


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