C-Level Training for C-Levels...

By Joel Dolci posted 06-26-2017 13:46

Running an association, foundation or other non-profit involves an incredible range of responsibilities. One has to be able to steer the ship through current waters while having the foresight to know what to expect over the horizon. Being an organizational leader - CEO, Executive Director, COO, CFO, etc. - requires constant attention to the organization's direction, its mission and purpose...Its programs, revenue streams, advocacy programs, communication practices and the list goes on.

An organizational leader is the bridge between the board of directors, committees and staff, setting the tone of the organization. Ultimately, organizational leaders represent the effectiveness of the organization and its ability to succeed. In short, being an organizational leader is a tall order, one that comes with lots of great benefits...but balanced with a wide range of challenges.

Do organizational leaders have all the answers and have we experienced every challenge? No. But the odds are that our colleagues, who themselves have a wealth of different experiences and backgrounds, do. While training, experience, and background are vital to an organizational leader's success, it helps to have a forum - exclusively for them - to learn more about C-Level challenges and solutions.

NYSAE's CEO Connect offers that very forum. As President and CEO of NYSAE, I depend upon the learning programs that we create. And this program is incredibly valuable. For a morning, I can learn about what others are doing to handle concerns like increasing member engagement, communications, technology, compensation, and more.

This Wednesday's CEO Connect promises to be chock full of information. Our panel will include four experts who will discuss a range of critical issues including transitioning from a volunteer to staff leadership, governance best practices, succession planning, rebranding an organization, and licensing. Join me along with your colleagues and peers at the CEO Connect. For more information and to register, please visit: