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Elected Officer Eligibilty

  • 1.  Elected Officer Eligibilty

    Posted 07-28-2015 10:07

    Our organization is proposing a bylaws change that would require a member to either serve on the Board for 3 years or on a Committee for years before being able to serve as an elected officer.  Does your organization have similar requirements to be able to serve in an elected position?  thanks.

    Diane Laurenzo
    New York County Dental Society
    Executive Director
    New York NY

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    Posted 07-29-2015 07:04



    This is important and a good idea. Board Members need to be dedicated and provide more than their OWN IDEAS about issues facing your organization. To have a situation where they have to be a Committee Member and have the opportunity to see how all works, see how well they work with others is VITAL to knowing if they are good Board prospects or not!

    Good luck!


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    Posted 07-29-2015 07:18
    Hi Richard--your thinking is right on but do you really want to make it MANDATORY by amending bylaws vs strengthening guidelines for the nominations committee? The bylaws should remain as flexible as possible. There will be an exception and you need to allow for that. 

    Holly Koenig
    Executive Director
    Association of Fundraising Prifessionals-NYC Chapter

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    Posted 07-29-2015 07:54

    We technically have a three year service requirement before someone can join the Board in any position. Once on the Board there is no time requirement before someone can become an officer. However, even the three year requirement has been relaxed in recent years in order to ensure that the "best" people serve on the Board. At times, it has worked beautifully and we have gotten great  board members, at others, people have been chosen who are not really interested in service. I think the three year requirement can be very helpful in terms of vetting commitment, but just because someone serves on a committee does not mean that you want them on your board. If we have two candidates- one with 3 years of service and the other with no service (but a much better candidate for a host of reasons) we would like to be able to choose the better candidate.


    Good luck,


    Kimberly Unger

    CEO, Executive Director


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    Posted 07-29-2015 08:00



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    Posted 07-29-2015 10:46



    Only the President-Elect candidate needs to have been a prior Board member, with no specified number of years.




    Marsha S. Block, CAE, CFRE
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    American Group Psychotherapy Association
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    Posted 07-30-2015 08:58


    While it can be valuable to have committee and board experience, perhaps the way it is being proposed can be modified.  (My association requires one year prior board experience but not committee experience).  Take it up a notch - in the interviews and review process for officer nominees, what is your process/criteria for choosing a candidate?  Are you comfortable with the criteria that are in place?  And - the elected candidates may indeed have board or committee experience without it being required.  Best wishes!


    Jennifer Ian, MBA, CAE
    American Thoracic Society
    Dir, Member Services and Chapter Relations
    New York NY