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Health policy position statements--board role

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    Posted 10-13-2016 16:02

    Greetings. The NAPNAP Executive Board has been working to become more strategic but, as nurse practitioners, they love doing the work and being detailed. There's been a few times in the last year when one or more board members wanted to edit a position statement submitted as a final draft to the board for approval during the board conference call. This is time consuming and not strategic. Do you have policies or practices on whether the board should wordsmith a "final" document? Would you be willing to share your policies and wisdom? We've developed an elaborate check and balance policy but I'd like to see how others handle.

    The board is ultimately responsible for approving a statement on behalf of our members. They have a right to withhold a statement they believe has overlooked issues, was poorly written or had questionable citations/language. And frankly, their wordsmithing improved the latest document. Some writing groups are OK with the board editing; some are not. How do you convey to writing groups they must follow board direction?

    thanks for your help

    Cate Brennan, NAPNAP


    Cate Brennan
    National Assn of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners
    Executive Director
    New York NY