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Code of ethics and pharma

  • 1.  Code of ethics and pharma

    Posted 12-01-2016 14:22

    NAPNAP has been having a robust conversation about its relationships with pharma. We adhere to all the current guidelines related to CE and other grants and activities. Our recent board conversation centers around some pharma companies that have placed a financial burden on a minority of patients because of high retail prices that are not subsidized by Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance. Of course this is a systemic problem with no resolution in sight. My specific dilemma centers around what constitutes a breach of ethics. Does accepting an expensive ticket to a charity fundraiser (within our like-minded community) from a pharma that is a current partner constitute a ethical violation? Or is this a normal part of business because NAPNAP would benefit from broadening its prospective donor base? There's no quid pro quo here; I see it as an opportunity we wouldn't have otherwise. My view is that there's no way to avoid all conflicts of interests; it's how you intelligently manage them and maintain your integrity. And finally, is your board and staff code the same? Thanks for your insights.

    Cate Brennan
    National Assn of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners
    Executive Director
    New York NYcbrennan@...