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Does Conflict Exist in Your Organization?

  • 1.  Does Conflict Exist in Your Organization?

    Posted 01-25-2018 12:41
    Every so often, conflicts occur in organizations. Okay...maybe more than "every so often." Probably better described as "a lot." Associations and nonprofits of all types and sizes, venerable and new, have had to grapple with the challenges and complexities that conflict brings. And with that conflict, chaos and confusion can ensue. Yet, no matter how well some teams gel, there are bound to be disagreements - sometimes strong enough to harm the outcome of the objectives being pursued.

    But what happens if we learn how to manage conflict? How do teams bounce back and keep moving forward, despite conflict? What are some of the Jedi mind tricks you can share that have been effective?

    We'd like to hear from you as we prepare for our next Webinar Series session entitled Managing Conflict in Complex Organizations. The webinar, which is free for NYSAE Members, takes place on Wednesday, February 14 at noon.

    Denman Wall
    Director of Interactive Services