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Will I see you at ESSAE 40th Conference and Trade Show next week?

  • 1.  Will I see you at ESSAE 40th Conference and Trade Show next week?

    Posted 05-30-2019 15:49
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    Hello Fellow NYSAE Members!

    Will I see you at ESSAE 40th Conference and Trade Show?

    Please be sure to say hi to me and let me know you got this...

    Leading into ESSAE's 40th Anniversary Conference & Tradeshow, as your Keynote Speaker, I'll be issuing activities for ESSAE members to begin the learning process before the conference even starts!

    Make notes for yourself as you complete these activities.

    Each of these topics are covered in my book, "How To Gain The Upper Hand, P.O.W.E.R. Tactics That Get Leaders Results" and will be featured in my Keynote or breakout session. 

    Now let's get started!


    Listening is a key skill that greatly enhances your ability to understand your customer/member or others around you in general.

    Being a good listener involves many factors.

    This week, focus on one of those factors: pay attention to the percentage of time you are talking vs the percentage of time the other person is talking.  


    Activity: Timed Listening: 

    Engage someone in a 10-minute conversation and monitor yourself to talk only 15-20% of the time. 

    Engage normally, and try not to 'force' the exercise.

    Debrief the activity:
    How easy or difficult was it to talk only 15-20% of the time for you?  Practice!


    Matt Episcopo is an international speaker, author and coach who is a recognized expert in communication and leadership.

    He is honored to present the Keynote address and a breakout session at ESSAE's 40th Anniversary Conference & Tradeshow. 

    Book Matt for your association or training event at

    Matt Episcopo
    Matt Episcopo Enterprises Inc.
    Speaker - Author - Coach
    Cohoes NY