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    Posted 01-12-2017 11:48
    Edited by Denman Wall 01-12-2017 11:53
    Having been an association professional for about the past 20 years, and a part of the NYSAE family for about half that, I can certainly attest to one thing...NYSAE members are movers and shakers working in dynamic organizations in highly active spaces. Within that dynamic environment comes lots of activities, new initiatives, partnerships, job changes, promotions, moves, work anniversaries, etc. The list of milestones and achievements goes on and on....and on and on...

    We want to highlight these achievements and milestones by announcing them in the NYSAE InView newsletter. The next InView is just days away from publication, so be sure to share your member news by using this form. And, we generally publish InView in the middle of the month. This is also your invitation to send us your news for each month. A sentence or short paragraph is all that is needed.

    Denman Wall Dolci Management Services Director of Interactive Services