NYSAE Webinar Series: Expense Control and Saving

When:  Nov 14, 2018 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (ET)
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Even if you run a financially tight ship, there’s a chance that you have some small leaks. Saving money to reach financial goals or to re-invest in the organization and its mission is an important focus for every executive. Sometimes expenses can be cut by saving on direct costs such as finding more cost-effective methods to purchase needed goods or services. Other times, an organization can save money by focusing on indirect costs such as hours an employee spends working on a project or the cost of fliers spent on marketing an event.

Plugging even the smallest holes will put you in a better financial position, as those drops of water add up. This webinar will preview several CFO’s who will share methods that they have used to save money. Please join us to share cost saving strategies!

LisaS.jpgLisa W. Spiegel, Esq.

Senior Managing Director of Legal Education, NJSBA/NJICLE

Lisa is an accomplished financial strategist who creates and manages a multi-million dollar budget that supports the education and outreach mission of an award-winning organization. Highly skilled manager who streamlines operations to maximize profitability. Expert in building a curriculum consisting of hundreds of profitable, engaging events each year through collaborating with legislators, former governors, judges, and top New Jersey lawyers.

Your Webinar Host

denman.jpgDenman Wall

Sr. Director of Interactive Services, Dolci Interactive

NYSAE webinars are hosted by Denman Wall, Sr. Director of Interactive Services at Dolci Interactive. In his role at Dolci Interactive, Denman provides marketing, engagement, and IT services to association and non-profit clients including NYSAE.