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I help member organizations understand what will engage their members. For many professional associations, zoos, chambers and museums membership is a transaction not an experience. Marketing is fact-based not a story. Strategy is organization focused not member focused.

My background in the big-brand consumer products industry combined with my time as the director of marketing at a national association provided me the tools to create an effective member research system. As a marketing generalist with a passion for analytics and member insights I get the data and recommendations organizations need to solve tough problems.

My colleagues would tell you that I’m an analytical marketer and a keen listener. I have a practical way of stripping away extraneous details to focus on what needs to be done.

I bring 18 years of experience in just about every aspect of marketing from consumer products to B2B to non-profit marketing, website launch to digital marketing, agency-side to client-side, advertising to content marketing, event planning to event promotions, brand management to rebranding, all methods of qualitative and quantitative research.

In addition to member research and strategic planning I led and managed the whole range of marketing tactics - email marketing, direct mail, social media, advertising, web marketing, content marketing (infographics, blogs, video and discussion groups), product development, collateral material development, competitive analysis, selling stories and more.

This holistic experience in marketing and business management gives me the skills to define the research goals that will result in the most actionable member insights. Once I have the data we work together to develop the best short-term solutions as well as long-term goals keeping your organization strong, growing and relevant.

Specialties: Member research, member ux, modern member marketer, brand expert, strategist, innovator. I move organizations forward.