December 2009


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Issue: December, 2009 




New Membership Structure for Association Media & Publishing
Association Media & Publishing (formerly the Society of National Association Publications [SNAP]) announced a new membership structure, resulting from a complete assessment of overall member value and experience within the association.
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Making Sure It's the Right Insurance Plan for Your Association and its Members
The goal of every association is to enhance the members' value experience. Delivering what members expect is a constant association challenge. Whether it's networking, learning, certification or leadership development, associations want to deliver a high level of member satisfaction. Organizations are always looking at ways to help members increase revenue, reduce expenses, and operate more efficiently.
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Philanthropy Watchdog Group Supports House Bill to Simplify Foundation Taxes
The National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) urges the House Committee on Ways and Means to adopt quickly H.R. 4090, a bill that simplifies how private foundations calculate taxes on income from investments. NCRP believes that the proposed streamlined tax structure will be an incentive for foundations to increase pay out in grants to nonprofits above the minimum requirement of five percent annually.
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The Legal Aspects of Online Social Networks: An Overview for Associations
Online social networking sites, such as the popular offerings provided by MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, present a variety of new ways for trade and professional associations to connect and interact with their membership and the community at-large. As shown by recent studies suggesting a rapid increase in utilization of social networking sites by associations of all stripes and sizes, an online networking site can offer opportunities and rewards due to the ease with which an association can rapidly spread or easily target a message or communication.
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IRS Announces 2010 Mileage Rates
The Internal Revenue Service issued the 2010 optional standard mileage rates used to calculate the deductible costs of operating an automobile for business, charitable, medical or moving purposes. Beginning on January 1, 2010, the standard mileage rates for the use of a car (also vans, pickups or panel trucks) will be
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Engage Staff During a Recession
As businesses across the country struggle with the rising dollar, increased competition from overseas, and a deep recession, the most corrosive threat continues to come from within. With contradictory forecasts from pundits, politicians and other prognosticators, it's no small wonder that many employees are feeling stressed-out about what the future has to offer. Even associations and nonprofits with strong action plans and solid business models are seeing employees disengage from work as they watch friends and family members struggle to find their footing after losing jobs.
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Study Examines Volunteerism and Donations
Americans who volunteer their time and skills to nonprofit organizations donate an average of 10 times more money to charity than people who don't volunteer, according to a comprehensive national study on volunteering by the Fidelity® Charitable Gift Fund ("Gift Fund") and VolunteerMatch. The study found many Americans have a strong commitment to community service, with 43% volunteering in the last 12 months. More than a quarter (28%) of Americans, however, has never volunteered.
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The Smart Money Stance for 2010: Think and Act Like We Still Haven't Hit Bottom
Signs suggest the economy may have hit rock-bottom, but smart associations will go into 2010 with their guard up and their belts tightened, according to partners at Marks Paneth & Shron, a New York City-based accounting firm. The firm advises clients that, in the near term, savvy businesses and individuals must:


  • Maintain Post-Madoff skepticism;


  • Plan for government's increased hunger for tax revenue and business accountability;


  • Take advantage of low valuations (and interest rates) now before they rise; and


  • Work to negotiate with banks before they really need to.

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Practical Fundraising Tips for Community Organizers Highlights Relationship-Building and Communicating Impact
The combination of tough economic times, unprecedented levels of needs, and growing public awareness of community organizing make this a ripe, albeit difficult, time for some serious fundraising. Aaron Dorfman, executive director of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy and Marjorie Fine, director of the Center for Community Change's The Linchpin Campaign, teamed up to offer useful and pragmatic tips that can help community organizers dramatically increase funding from institutional grantmakers and major individual donors.
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Bestcities Global Alliance Revs Up Its Global Presence for Association Meetings
Tourism Vancouver reports that the recent BestCities Global Alliance board recently outlined plans for the year, which include: the provision of additional resources at head office to assist with business development services and management support; a new robust and interactive website; plans to further engage the international association market; and exploratory discussions for enhanced working relationships with other key associations.
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SmartMoney Runs Story on Nonprofit "Secrets"
The December 9 online edition of SmartMoney, published by the Wall Street Journal, included an article by Jason Kephart on "10 Things Nonprofits Won't Tell You."
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Member Highlights Include:

  • Holly Koenig, vice president, Kellen Company, will serve as the executive director of the World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA)...


  • Nicole Millman-Falk, president, Millman-Falk Communications, Inc., will serve as an editorial project manager for RMEL...


  • David P. Murphy, senior vice president, The Murphy Wealth Management Group, reports that the battered U.S. dollar is likely to find little relief in the months and years ahead...


  • Three of the New York area's supermarkets teamed up with the region's foremost hunger relief organizations to help fight hunger this holiday season...


  • Business Traveler Magazine has awarded the Hawai'i Convention Center with its 2010 Best in Business Travel award...


  • Years of heavy traffic from forklifts, pallets, and more than 11 million conventioneers left New Orleans with $39.12 billion in economic impact, but also left the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center's concrete exhibit hall floors scratched, pitted and scarred...