July 2009


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Issue: July, 2009 


Javits Center Renovation and Expansion To Start Immediately
New York Governor David A. Paterson announced on July 2 that the Public Authority Control Board (PACB) has approved the General Project Plan (GPP) for the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. The proposed renovation and expansion will now move forward and construction on the site will begin immediately.
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Make or Break Points for Nonprofits
The nonprofit was growing swiftly until the recession hit. Most of its growth, however, had been unplanned. It simply seized opportunities and took on more and more without any clear focus or strategy. This left the organization moving in so many different directions that it was hard to see its core or how its projects were connected. Already overworked and overwhelmed, the staff is now dreading necessary budget cuts that will stretch them even more thinly.
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Associations Should Maintain Marketing Efforts During a Recession
While associations face cutbacks during a recession, it is not the time to cut marketing programs and can be the best time to promote membership, according to Erik Schonher, vice president of Marketing General, Inc. (MGI). Professionals in many industries faced with uncertain job security look to the benefits of their association membership, including networking and enhancing individual skills and certifications, to excel in their careers, he added.
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ASAE Adopts Principles for Socially Responsible Associations
In 2008, ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership convened a global summit to explore the ways association leaders could achieve a higher level of social responsibility. From this meeting came the Global Principles for Socially Responsible Associations & Nonprofits. More than 125 organizations have embraced this voluntary commitment toward positive change as a sign of their dedication to incorporate social responsibility throughout every level of their organizations.
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Even IT Security Professionals Can't Be Bothered with Passwords
Information security professionals admit that they are suffering from password fatigue when it comes to using their mobile devices, which leaves their data exposed to personal and corporate identity theft if these devices were to fall into the wrong hands. That's according to a survey by Credant Technologies, who conducted the "mobile usage survey" amongst 227 IT professionals with the majority drawn from companies that employ more than 1,000 people.
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Philanthropic Giving By and For Women on the Rise
Foundation giving specifically targeted to benefit women and girls has surpassed the rate of overall foundation giving in recent years, and women's funds are a rapidly growing and influential force within philanthropy, according to a new report jointly released by the Foundation Center and the Women's Funding Network.
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Virtual Discussion Site for Green Meetings and Events Established
The Convention Industry Council's (CIC) Accepted Practices Exchange (APEX) Panel on Green Meeting and Event Practices, in partnership with ASTM International, is defining what constitutes "green" in the meetings and events industry. A virtual discussion site has been launched at http://wp.apexsolution.org to make the process accessible.
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Comparing Shipping Costs
Tough economic conditions inspire creative solutions to reduce costs and remain competitive. Initially launched as a domestic search engine for shipping rates, www.shipgooder.com recently added the ability to compare shipping costs for international shipments.
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Jobless? Tips To Help You Persevere
By John M. McKee

Since January 2009, millions of Americans have either lost their jobs, are working part-time instead of full-time, or have fallen off the unemployment payroll completely as the full extent of the economic crisis hits home. Here are seven tips to help the currently and impending unemployed persevere through, and even make the most of this difficult time.
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Member Highlights Include:

  • William M. Murray, CAE, president and CEO of the Public Relations Society of America Inc. receives the CAE designation.


  • The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) receives two Awards of Excellence from ASAE's Associations Advance America program.

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