May 2009


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Issue: May, 2009 



Leadership in Challenging Times
By Carol Kinsey Goman, PhD
Everyone is nervous, and rightfully so. The economic crisis and its resulting layoffs, consolidations, and organizational restructuring have people worried and distracted. Motivation is down. Absenteeism is up. Everyone wants to know, "What's going to happen to me?" Rumors are running wild. In the midst of all this uncertainty and fear, it's your job to help your team (or department or organization) stay engaged and focused on the business at hand.
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Answering Tough Questions in a Recession
By Bob Harris, CAE
Most associations have survived downturns and turmoil. They have proven to be resilient through various crises, including economic recession. During these times, however, it's likely that board members will reflect their personal situations at the board table. If their company is negatively impacted by the economy, they may apply an attitude of doom and gloom to the association.
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Using Technology To Boost Volunteer Involvement and Satisfaction
By Ellie LaCasse
Volunteers may be your organization's greatest resource. In fact, volunteers bring something invaluable to your organization, more than just their dollars, but their time, their interest, their loyalty and their ability to evangelize your mission to others in your community. Committed volunteers, helping with your work and representing you in the community, are priceless.
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Leadership in Crisis: Steps to Avoid Common Pitfalls
By Jeff Wolf
Pick up any newspaper and you'll find countless stories of rampant political corruption, financial mismanagement, government bailouts, pandemic employee layoffs, investment fraud, and unadulterated corporate greed. Pundits and talking heads on the cable news networks squawk incessantly over the business scandal du jour.
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2009 Synergy Awards Luncheon
NYSAE recognized outstanding members at its Awards Luncheon, held April 29 at the Park Central Hotel.
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Member Highlights Include:

  • Gregory Boriff was named vice president of development for amfAR...

  • Diana Voto, national sales director, Disney Destinations, received her MBA in global business...

  • The Hawaii Convention Center, received the Professional Convention Management Association's (PCMA) Chairman's Award....

  • While the economy is not doing well, and some hotels are worried, the Marriott Residence Inn in Mystic, Connecticut, is not..

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