August 2010


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Issue: August, 2010





InView August 2010 Issue

Members of Associations Waiting To Be Asked for Donations
Members of associations across the country give generously to community causes and organizations, but fewer than 15 percent ever make a contribution beyond dues and fees to the professional associations to which they belong. A new study recently published by ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership, The Decision to Give: What Motivates Individuals to Support Professional Associations, explores giving by association members both to community causes and to associations, while also highlighting some opportunities to increase donations among association members.
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Membership Benchmarking Report
Marketing General Inc.'s (MGI) 2010 Membership Benchmarking Report is a summary of the membership health of the association industry, as well as the strategies associations most often use to grow their memberships. Over 400 associations participated in the 2010 survey.
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Associations and Nonprofits Do More With Less
Despite anecdotal evidence that suggests a steady loss of association and nonprofit employment and predictions that as many as 100,000 organizations have disappeared as a result of the recession, nonprofits are surviving. A Johns Hopkins Nonprofit Listening Post Project survey conducted earlier this year found the while financial battering and increased demands nonprofits are experiencing on in the current recession are taking a serious toll on both their crucial human resources and their ability to deliver vital programs and services, nonprofits have displayed enormous resilience and a strong commitment to their critical missions. Most organizations are holding employment steady or actually adding staff, according to the Johns Hopkins report, though many of these are finding it difficult to maintain existing services.
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Five Ways To Reduce Office Overhead Today
Office overhead costs tend to increase over time. Without proper procedures, systems and controls, overhead has only one way to go: up. The good news is that non-people-related expenses can be substantially reduced with virtually no affect on how your association functions. If anything, the changes will probably be positive.
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NTA Opposes Tourism Boycott of Arizona
The National Tourism Association's Board of Directors voted unanimously to oppose the tourism boycott of Arizona based on the enactment of SB 1070, Arizona's new immigration law. SB 1070 allows law enforcement officials to seek proof of legal presence from individuals considered to be possible illegal immigrants. The new law has prompted a national reaction, including support for a tourism boycott of Arizona by many organizations.
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Rutgers Nonprofit Certification Program
The Institute for Ethical Leadership at Rutgers Business School has received a $40,000 grant from the American Express Foundation to help fund the Institute's Nonprofit Emerging Leaders Certificate Program. The program equips future industry leaders with the tools needed to develop and guide the nonprofit arena.
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Network Like It's Your Job: 12 Ways to Create Job Connections in a Virtual World
Finding a job in today's job market can be like conquering a new frontier for many job seekers. With the unemployment rate still over nine percent, the job market has been flooded with tons of competition for job seekers, many of whom are experiencing a culture shock when they send out their résumés. After all, the days of mailing in your résumé and receiving a phone call to set up an interview are over. Today, everything is done online, from sending in your résumé to setting up your first interview; and nine times out of 10, you're lucky to receive any kind of response, even if it's an automatic one thanking you for your submission.
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NYSAE Members Introduced Pooled Health Captives
NYSAE member CEOs and HR directors were recently introduced to pooled health captives, an innovative and effective approach to contain health insurance costs. Pooled health captives combine three best practices: self-insurance subject to stop loss; pooled captive insurance companies; and wellness programs. When taken together, these best practices cut 13% or more annually when compared to fully insured health insurance programs.
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10 Body Language Mistakes Women Leaders Make
There are two sets of body language cues that followers look for in leaders: warmth (empathy, likeability, caring) and authority (power, credibility, status). Although I know several leaders of both sexes who do not fit the stereotypes, I've also observed that gender differences in body language most often align do align with these two groupings. Women are the champions in the warmth and empathy arena, but lose out with power and authority cues.
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Member Highlights Include:

  • David Jaffe, CAE, Jaffe Management, Inc. was among 57 association executives who recently received the CAE designation...
  • Nicole Millman-Falk, was retained by The Synagogue Leadership Initiative of the UJA Federation of Northern New Jersey...
  • Associated Luxury Hotesl Internation (ALHI), released its Historic Collection, a portfolio of more than 125 hotes and resorts worldwide...
  • The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and the Partnership for Philanthropic Planning (PPP) are involved in discussions...
  • Venable LLP has taken top-tier rankings in two closely watched annual surveys...

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