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August 2010 Inview

Rutgers Certification Program Prepares Future Nonprofit Leaders

The Institute for Ethical Leadership at Rutgers Business School has received a $40,000 grant from the American Express Foundation to help fund the Institute's Nonprofit Emerging Leaders Certificate Program. The program equips future industry leaders with the tools needed to develop and guide the nonprofit arena.

"We have offered the Nonprofit Leadership Certificate Program since 2005, but until last year it was primarily for established senior executives interested in honing their management skills," explains James Abruzzo, Co-Founder of the Rutgers Institute for Ethical Leadership.
"Recognizing an increasing deficit in the number of qualified industry leaders, we piloted a second track tailored to up-and-coming as well as transitioning professionals. This generous grant from the American Express Foundation will enable us to maintain this expanded initiative so that we can continue filling the leadership pipeline for the nonprofit sector."

"American Express appreciates the value of this intensive training program, which prepares participants to put their new skills to work immediately," said Timothy J. McClimon, President, American Express Foundation. "Through initiatives like the Rutgers Institute for Ethical Leadership, we help ensure the strength and quality of the next generation of nonprofit leaders."

The three-day program, which this year will be held November 2 - 4, is led by the Institute's Co-Founders, Alex Plinio and James Abruzzo, with participation from leaders from the field of nonprofit management, as well as Rutgers faculty. The curriculum covers Ethics and Accountability for Nonprofit and Foundation Leaders, Best Practices in Executive Compensation, Leading through Communication, and Relevance and Sustainability, as well as breakout sessions that address personal and professional development issues such as emotional intelligence and ethics. A one-day follow-up session will be conducted in April 2011, when participants will review and reinforce lessons learned as well as share examples of program's personal and professional impact.

The Rutgers Institute for Ethical Leadership works with business and government entities, nonprofit and philanthropic organizations, and within the University to provide leaders and future leaders with the education, training and critical-thinking tools needed to become more effective leaders and managers and make ethical decisions to address real-world challenges.

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