December 2012

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What To Do if a Social Media Fight Breaks Out on Your Turf?

Conflict can erupt anytime, anywhere for just about any reason. Whether you are in line at the grocery store, at a sporting event or out on the town, conflict is unpredictable and sometimes unavoidable. With the ever-growing popularity of online networks and platforms, more and more people are logging on to interact with friends and sometimes even strangers. As millions of people converge online, we are seeing a new arena for confrontations: social media pages.

Although most users want to avoid these situations at all cost, opting to ignore a complaint, offensive topic or aggressive message, it is important to address the situation before it catches the eye of other customers, employees, stakeholders and partners.
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Featured Articles

NYSAE Finance & Management Institute

Legislative and regulatory changes, increased government scrutiny, and managing income were the focus of NYSAE’s October Finance & Management Institute, held at the New York Society of Security Analysts. The program was planned by Amish Mehta, principal and director of Not-for-Profit Services, Friedman LLP, and David P. Murphy, MBA, CPA, senior vice president/investments, UBS Financial Services.
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Changing Demographics,
Emerging Technologies Among Trends Impacting Associations

Associations today are being significantly impacted by emerging trends, from technology to demographics to the blurring of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. John Graham, CAE, president and CEO of ASAE, addressed some of these developments at NYSAE’s October luncheon.
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Five Key State & Local Tax Considerations for Tax-Exempt Organizations

Obtaining federal tax-exempt status is the first step in the process of ensuring tax compliance for nonprofit organizations. However, many organizations fail to recognize the complexities of tax compliance within the state and local jurisdictions their operations touch. Understanding tax rules and filing requirements is critical to corporate compliance, as each taxing authority has different rules and requirements related to the taxation of exempt organizations.
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Planning For 2013:
A Look at New Medicare Taxes and Increased Rates That Loom on the Horizon

As a result of the ruling by the Supreme Court to uphold portions of the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 (the Act), there is now more certainty around some of the other provisions in the Act that will be phased in over the next few years. In particular, investors are now turning their attention to the new taxes provided for in the Act that will kick in beginning January 1, 2013. What is on the horizon and how can you plan for it?
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The Reluctant Board of Directors

Membership organizations absolutely deliver ROI (return on investment) to their members. “What are you afraid of?” is the question I frequently find myself asking nonprofit organization governing board members. I have observed, over the years, an alarming propensity of board members being remiss in their fiduciary responsibility to their organizations. Fiduciary encompasses more than simply financial good sense; also trust, loyalty, and prudence are crucial elements.
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Planner-To-Planner Tips For Site Visits

Meeting professionals agree that there is no substitute for a site inspection. It provides the opportunity to experience the destination to determine first-hand if it will work for your group, and to meet and connect with the staff. But are there tips on how to make the most of your site visit? We asked several experienced meeting professionals to provide some helpful hints for site visits, and here are their suggestions.

Tim Brown, partner with Meeting Sites Resource, said: “Assuming the hotel meets all of our stated criteria, I want to know what other groups are in house over our dates, and what other meeting and event activity will take place in adjacent function space.”
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ASAE Survey Shows Concern About Group Returns

ASAE Survey Shows Concern About Group Returns Nearly 80 percent of respondents to a recent ASAE survey said they are “concerned” or “very concerned” about the IRS possibly eliminating group returns and requiring all chapters or affiliated organizations to file their own information return. Since last year, the IRS has been considering changes to the group exemption process for tax-exempt organizations with affiliates or chapters.
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Call It Anything But A Committee

No matter what you call them, committees are a group of people working to advance a project or effort. Committees supplement efforts of the board and staff. They are a proving ground for future leaders. Their expertise can be invaluable and their collaboration can produce significant results.
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Member News

Jeff Fagan, CMP, CASE, global account executive, Marriott International, announced that Marriott International has completed the transaction announced on May 31 with...

Robert Faller, director of sales and marketing at the Otesaga Resort Hotel, Cooperstown, announced that the hotel’s executive chef, Michael Gregory, presented his...

Bonnie White, director of national accounts for the Fontainebleau Miami Beach, is also working with Turnberry Isle Miami,...

The Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau (PHLCVB) has undertaken a marketing initiative designed to promote a consistent message about Philadelphia as a modern renaissance city, with open-source assets built around six stories that define the destination...

Fifty restaurants participated in the Saratoga Convention & Tourism Bureau’s eighth annual Saratoga County Restaurant Week...

Turtle Bay Resort, Hawaii, will embark on the largest component of $60 million in upgrades. The renovation, which will begin in early January and be completed by the end of 2013, will...

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Book Beat

  • Associations are trying to find new ways to remain relevant, and one of the trends is to expand globally. A Practical Guide to Globalization (©2012, Association Management Press), by Donna Haslinger and Dick Blatt, helps you answer these questions and more.
  • 10 Lessons for Cultivating Member Commitment: Critical Strategies for Fostering Value, Involvement and Belonging (©2012, Association Management Press), by James Dalton and Monica Dignam, draws membership-strategy insight from key findings of ASAE research into what factors go into an individual’s membership decision.
  • From Insight to Action: Six New Ways to Think, Lead and Achieve (©2012, Association Management Press), by Jean S. Frankel and Gabriel Eckert, CAE, outlines how organizations should embrace six emerging competencies, eight essential organizational foundations, and one unifying strategy of co-creation.
  • Component Relations Handbook, Second Edition: A Guide to Successfully Managing and Motivating Chapters, Affiliates, and Other Member Groups (©2012, Association Management Press), edited by Lowell Aplebaum, CAE and Trevor Mitchell, CAE, provides association professionals with tools, resources, and invaluable lessons on how to handle a variety of topics, including legal issues, financial practices, strategic unification, and volunteer development.
  • Intellectual Property for Nonprofit Organizations and Associations (©2012, Association Management Press), by Jefferson C. Glassie, Eileen Morgan Johnson, and Dana O. Lynch, demystifies intellectual property principles and the legal issues most applicable to nonprofits and associations.
  • Association Law Handbook, Fifth Edition: A Practical Guide for Associations, Societies, and Charities (©2012, Association Management Press), by Jerald A. Jacobs, outlines association legal issues in simple terms, making them fully accessible.

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