5 Tips for Direct Contact

By Amy Geffen

Most job seekers get a job in one of two ways, either through networking or direct contact. How do you directly contact someone if you don't know them?

Here are some tips:

By Amy Geffen

Amy J Geffen, PhD Director, Professional Development Council for Economic Education and NYSAE Education Committee Chairperson

1) Ask your first level (closest) contacts if they know someone who works at the target company. Maybe someone in their network works at one of the companies you are interested in pursuing.

2) Check your alumni organization and its directory. Directories can usually be searched by company, industry, and name. Alumni are much more likely to respond to a request for help even if they don't know you.

3) Get an introduction from your first level contacts to a person at the targeted company. Show your list of targeted companies to your friend, neighbor, or former colleague. That list will jog their memory as to who they might know. Ask your contact to give a warm introduction via email.

4) Research online through the company website. Sometimes you will find names and sometimes you won't. Also look at their press releases which are more likely to have the names and titles of key personnel. Do not go through HR unless your target job is in human resources.

5) Use LinkedIn to search by company. Find the list of people who work there and see if you know someone or if any of your contacts are connected to someone. Even if you don't know someone you can write directly to them via email (not through LinkedIn). If their email is not listed you can figure it out (first initial last name @ company, or last name first initial, etc.)

Write an email that shows your interest in their company, pitches your background, lists a couple of your relevant accomplishments, and asks for the meeting.

[This article first appeared as “5 Tips for Direct Contact” as part of Amy Geffen’s articles written on LinkedIn and is reprinted with permission. The original article is located at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/5-tips-direct-contact-amy-geffen/]

Amy Geffen is a GetFive Certified Career Coach with over 30 years of experience in management, non-profits and associations. She has worked with finance, insurance and engineering professionals, as well as lawyers, editors, marketers, students, and those over 50 experiencing ageism. She has a Master’s Degree from Harvard University and a PhD from New York University. www.geffencareers.com