Passing the Torch

Joel A. Dolci, CAEJoel A. Dolci,CAE, President, NYSAE

[NYSAE would like to make a correction on the InView newsletter published on February 13, 2019. The “Passing the Torch” article was erroneously attributed to USAE in the by-line. The article was a collaboration by NYSAE staff and volunteers and was included in NYSAE's 1919-2019 New York Society of Association Executives special publication.]

After 40 years as President and CEO of NYSAE, Joel Dolci has decided not to renew his management agreement. When asked why now, Joel shared that it was the time to pass the torch and give someone else the opportunity to guide the next chapter of NYSAE, while always being available to lend a helping hand.

Dolci Management is a family affair and Joel used the word “everything” when asked what Kathy and his family meant to the business and his success. Although Joel may have a little more time to spend with his family and five grandchildren, he looks forward to having more time to develop and promote Dolci Management Services.

When asked what NYSAE’s greatest achievement was during his tenure, Joel quickly responded that it was the creation of the Association Center at 120 Wall Street in the late 1980’s. In cooperation with local and state government and through tax abatements, it stopped the rapid exodus of nonprofit organizations from New York City. It also established NYSAE and the broader association community as a prominent force in the overall growth and success of New York City and New York State.

While Joel is pleased with the growth and success of Meet NY, he credits We Love New York Day, established in 1985, as the marquis event which brought great prominence to NYSAE for several decades. When Joel and his family are honored at the NYSAE 100th Anniversary Luncheon on March 6 at the NY Marriott Marquis, a number of Outstanding New Yorkers will be in attendance.

One of Joel’s favorite Outstanding New Yorkers was Yogi Berra and like Yogi, Joel recently came to a fork in the road and he took it. The Board of Directors wishes Joel, Kathy and their family the very best as their journey in association management and executive search continues.