Call for Volunteers


And, you have expectations for NYSAE. In order to achieve your objective, your leadership, direction and effort is requested, wanted and needed.

You have joined NYSAE, now please join in the planning, direction, decision making. Most important, join in making a difference please accept this invitation to touch and influence our collective futures in a significant, effective way.

Please help NYSAE give you more of what you want and need...please step forward to give value added...and most important...join in the effort to exceed expectations.

As a NYSAE volunteer, reap the benefits of volunteerism

  • Strengthen your ties with the New York region association/not-for-profit community. Committee work brings you together with executives and suppliers you may never have had an opportunity to meet.
  • Share your expertise with other industry professionals.
  • Gain additional expertise - learn more about a new area of association/not-for-profit management or gather new ideas for your current area.
  • Become more valuable to your current employer and more marketable to potential employers by gaining new skills.
  • Enhance your leadership abilities through consensus building and persuasion.
  • Earn two points per year per committee for recertification toward the prestigious Certified Association Executive (CAE) designation. Points for authors and speakers are higher!

Volunteer Requirements and Expectations

NYSAE committees are working committees. You may be asked to conduct research and complete special assignments outside of meetings to accomplish committee goals.

As a NYSAE volunteer, you are responsible in the following ways:

  • Attending at least two thirds of the scheduled, full committee and subcommittee meetings (if applicable).
  • Completing tasks/projects that you volunteered for.
  • Showing your support by attending your committee's programs on a regular basis.

Volunteer Eligibility

In order to identify informed members, reward devoted prior service, and ensure excellence in our committees, please note the following policies:

  • Members of less than one year, who may not have expertise in the subject(s) or areas for which a particular committee is responsible, are urged to sign up for the Chairman's Special Service Council listed under the Other Ways to Serve! section.
  • Volunteers not accommodated in 2018-19 for a volunteer assignment shall receive priority consideration if they resubmit a sign-up form by July 3, 2019.
  • Volunteers who have served for more than three years on the same committee may be asked to serve on a different committee. This is designed to help include newer members and rotate proven talent throughout the volunteer structure.
  • You may appeal any of these policies by attaching a letter to the president outlining your reactions and/or qualifications.

Committee Meetings

An estimate of the meetings per year is listed for each standing committee. Meetings are held at a variety of sites based on the locations of committee members. It is expected that you will attend the Board & Committee Retreat and 2/3rds of the scheduled committee and subcommittee meetings.

Timetable for Appointment

Complete and submit the sign-up form to NYSAE by June 3, 2019.

  • Appointment will be received in mid June.
  • The Board & Committee Retreat will be held July 21st and 22nd. It begins on Sunday July 21st with a Reception with the Board and all Committee Members at 6:00pm. On Monday July 22nd from 8:00am – 4:00pm the Retreat with all Committee Members will be conducted. At that time all committee and board members will participate in an orientation and receive their respective committee charges for the year from the Chair of the Board. Committee members are invited and expected to attend. The location and venue for the 2019 Board & Committee Retreat is at "The Kartrite Resort & Indoor Waterpark." Don’t Miss It…Join a Committee Today!

Speaker & Author Opportunities

NYSAE needs talented volunteers to speak at its educational programs and to author articles for InView. Please check the sign-up form with topics and staff will contact you.

Educational Conferences - NYSAE always needs fresh new topics and presenters for the Educational Conferences, Professional Development Sessions and Meet NY. If you have an idea for a presentation, let us know! Solo or panel presentations are welcome.

InView Authors – InView (NYSAE’s online publication) continually seeks educational and newsworthy material from members based on their experience and expertise. If you have an idea for an article, check the box on the sign- up form and NYSAE will contact you.

Standing Committees

Committees are the backbone of NYSAE activities and services. And they are forming now!

Below are the descriptions of their work. Please review them carefully. An estimate of the meetings per year for each committee are listed in each description.

Awards Committee - Develops categories and criteria for awards to be presented by NYSAE. Actively seeks recommendations from members for the various awards and recommends awardees to the Board. Identifies qualified members and determines recipients for Synergy Awards. (Meets 3-4x per year.)

CEO Connect Committee - An exclusive support network of high-level peer leaders and decision makers from associations and not-for-profits around the NY metropolitan area. CEO Connect is for networking, fostering dialogue, discussion and debate around critical business issues, sharing high-level interests, practices, operations and trends. CEO Connect is a valuable platform and targeted program for all senior leaders. Regular Member volunteers are accepted. (Meets 2-3x per year.)

Education Committee - Determines the educational needs of members and potential members and provides opportunities to address those needs. The committee, which includes the chairperson of the Technology Committee, is responsible for determining the vision for educational efforts, providing oversight of allied committees in program design and implementation and identifying and addressing any shortcomings in educational efforts. (Meets 6-8x per year.)

Meet NY Committee - Advises and counsels the NYSAE Board of Directors and staff on plans for the annual "Meet NY”. Reviews and makes recommendations on all arrangements, including program, promotion, message, theme and entertainment. Develops recommendations and procedures directed toward member participation and assists in selling table top space. Works closely with the President and staff on all aspects. (Meets 4x per year.)

Membership Engagement Committee - Steadily increases the membership of NYSAE with an emphasis on expanding participation of association executives, managers and CEOs and staff in not-for-profit organizations. Attracts and retains a membership with emphasis on diversity and inclusion. Assures that all members feel welcome. (Meets 4-6 times per year.)

Technology Committee - Helps members develop and expand their knowledge of available or emerging productivity tools and services in the IT arena. Provides members with general guidance for both specific tools and overall systems and related methodologies. (Meets 3-4x per year.)

Public Affairs Committee - Under the direction and with approval of the Board this committee will identify issues of importance to NYSAE members and their organizations and involve them in advocacy issues. In addition, individual members of the committee may be asked to develop and maintain relationships necessary to be an influential leader in decisions that impact our profession. Committee members may also be asked to contribute to the development of the New York Metropolitan area in order to make it a viable place for organizations to do business. (Meets 2-3x per year.)