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Latest Publication: Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Message from the NYSAE CEO

I believe it was the early 90s when I started volunteering for NYSAE. The first committee I ever joined was the education committee. At that time I had about 5 years of experience in association management and I was passionate about developing programs and content for NYSAE  that would also help me build my professional skills as well as guide me in training my colleagues at Kellen. It was such a rewarding experience for me. Besides the opportunity of working alongside NYSAE members who became my lifelong friends, what I truly enjoyed most was researching and contacting subject matter experts. I didn’t have any connections at the time but I soon realized when you invite someone to speak for an educational panel, you don’t need to know them personally. The potential speaker is flattered to be considered a SME and to be invited by NYSAE to speak in front of their peers. The chair of that committee was Kathy Brown, who is now retired. She was an amazing leader. She inspired and motivated me to continue volunteering for NYSAE year after year, moving from committee to committee until I ended up in a position to chair.

Now is the time to volunteer for NYSAE. From the Synergy Awards to Membership Engagement, there are so many opportunities to choose from. Yes, it will benefit NYSAE but volunteering will also impact you and your organization in a positive way. Contact me and I’ll help you find the perfect fit.

Holly Koenig, CEO & Executive Director, NYSAE, Senior Vice President, Kellen