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Latest Publication: Tuesday, May 6, 2021

Message from the CEO

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We just completed the Board of Directors nominations process and I am bursting with excitement. Here’s why.

Many of you know my history with NYSAE. I was a very active member for many years, then was elected to the Board for a few years before becoming NYSAE CEO at Kellen headquarters. I was around as a committee chair and board member when it was often a challenge to not only get a member to volunteer for committee work, but to get them to magically appear and commit to applying for a board position. Those of you who serve as an Executive Director or CEO of a member-based organization know what I’m talking about when I say you can tell how an association is doing just by the quantity and quality of candidates responding to your call for nominations. This year’s Nominating Committee, led by past chairman Charles Riotto, had a tough job not because the committee had to get out there and find qualified candidates, but the opposite. They had many more applications and qualified candidates than there were openings. They truly had to do their homework to prepare and present the slate to the membership for vote. I watched the process intently and not only were candidates surveyed, some were actually interviewed by committee members. In addition, part of the charge of the committee was to look at the existing make-up of the Board by classifying directors remaining for another year and identifying gaps related to DEI, participation levels, skills and bylaws compliance. The committee was thorough and thoughtful.

From my point of view, receiving an abundance of qualified board candidates, especially from candidates at the C-suite level, showed how NYSAE is hitting many of its strategic objectives including changing the perception of the organization and developing and communicating the value proposition for members and our community. We heard from candidates whose organizations haven’t been engaged with NYSAE for years!

The slate to elect the new 2021-22 board members is now out for vote. I hope that all our eligible voting members take advantage of this important benefit. Mark your calendar now for June 16th at 4:00 p.m. ET when NYSAE will present the incoming Board during our virtual annual meeting. I hope to see you there!

Warm Regards,


CEO, New York Society of Association Executives
Executive Vice President, Kellen