NYSAE Mission


NYSAE Mission & Strategic Plan

The mission of the New York Society of Association Executives is:  to lead in advancing and serving the profession of association and not-for-profit management.


Enhance associations and not-for-profit organizations through management education and skills development.

  • Identify the educational and skill development needs of current and potential members, and provide a menu of experiences and training opportunities that address those needs.


  1. Associations will require more specialized and trained staff.
  2. NYSAE will need to provide a broad spectrum of educational programs in more creative formats.
  3. NYSAE will need to react faster and be more flexible in providing value-added programs on cutting-edge issues.
  4. Programs need to address current and potential members as well as their staff and volunteer constituents. Given the demographics, association staff will become far more diverse.


Provide forums for the exchange of information and experience among members.

  • Provide the membership with networking resources and opportunities that enhance their professional capabilities.
  • Maintain an environment and provide services that support members in career transition.
  • Encourage a membership that is diverse.


  1. There will be increasing demands on executives as a result of changing volunteer interests, enhanced technology, and fewer employees.
  2. There will be a greater need for access to information in more creative ways.


Advocate on behalf of associations and not-for-profit organizations in metropolitan New York.

  • Develop and maintain relationships with government, the media, and key opinion makers, necessary for NYSAE to be an influential leader in decisions that impact the profession.
  • Identify and advocate on issues of importance to members and their organizations, as approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Contribute to the development of the New York Metropolitan area in order to make it a viable place for organizations to conduct business.
  • Attract and retain associations and not-for-profit organizations.


  1. NYSAE will play a role in the overall fabric and quality of life in the New York metropolitan area.
  2. NYSAE will be required to establish new alliances in the form of partnerships and/or collaborations.
  3. NYSAE will take a leadership role in economic development of the New York metropolitan area.


Develop the resources and take the necessary risk to maintain NYSAE's leadership position in the future growth and vitality of the association and not-for-profit sector.

  • Develop "Best Practices" for the profession of association and not-for-profit management.
  • Continue to build a highly effective organization that is member driven and led by skilled leaders.
  • Maintain fiscal stability and viability in pursuit of NYSAE's mission.
  • Continue to diversify income with a focus on non-dues revenue generating activities.
  • Leverage the capability of NYSAE's members to enhance their organizational effectiveness through pooled purchasing and other opportunities.
  • Inspire members to contribute to success of their organization and the association and not-for-profit sector.


Steadily increase the membership of NYSAE with an emphasis on expanding participation of CEOs, staff executives and managers, from association and not-for-profit organizations, with a balance among 501C organizations.


  1. There will be an increasing need for NYSAE to adapt to its services to an ever-changing business and constituent environment.