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Important Information for All Members Renewing and Joining NYSAE.

NYSAE adopted a new database and everyone – members and non-members -- must have an account in the database in order to renew or join NYSAE. 

Please read these instructions and set up your account before renewing or joining.
We are excited to provide an easier-to-use system to renew and join membership, register for events, update your contact information, and more. 

How to Apply

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Regular Membership

If you are looking to advance your career while working for an association/ not-for-profit organization, you will have access to resources, discounts, and networking and professional development opportunities as a Regular Member. Annual Dues: $250. Join or Renew Today

Associate Membership

If you provide services or products to the association/not-for-profit community, you can find invaluable resources and contacts in NYSAE as an Associate Member.
Annual Dues: $385.Join or Renew Today

Student Membership

If you are a full-time student at a college or university and are not employed by an association or not-for-profit organization you can join NYSAE as a Student Member.
Annual Dues: $50. Join or Renew Today

Organizational Membership

The organizational membership is available to associations and nonprofits, who will realize significant savings when they participate. All staff of a participating association or nonprofit will receive a year of NYSAE membership, with all member benefits and privileges such as member rates for all events and some no-cost ones as well. 

Organizational Members will receive added recognition, including being listed on the website, recognized on NYSAE’s social media platforms and acknowledged at NYSAE events.

Two tiers of Organizational Membership are being offered:

Tier 1 $750 per year - For associations/nonprofits with 15 or fewer staff

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Tier 2 $1,200 per year - For associations/nonprofits with more than 15 staff

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Next Generation Membership

Association/Non-profit Professionals who are age 35 and under (date of birth is required) can join NYSAE as a Next Generation Member. NYSAE can help you access the resources needed for you to shine in the workplace and connect with a vibrant community to help enhance your career. Whether you are just starting your career path, or looking to earn your CAE, we have something to offer you. Annual Dues: $75 first year, $100 renewal. Next Generation Regular MembershipJoin or Renew Today

Life, Honorary & Retired Membership

Regular and Associate members who are retired from an association/not-for-profit organization qualify for a Retired membership. Retired members receive all the benefits of Regular and Associate member. Annual Dues: $75
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The New York Society of Association Executives is a solid source for your success in the New York area's association/not-for-profit community. Since 1919, NYSAE has championed the cause of the New York area association/non-for-profit community and its suppliers.

NYSAE assists thousands of association/not-for-profit professionals and suppliers to develop their skills and expand their knowledge base by providing leadership training, continuing education opportunities, and advocacy service. NYSAE exists to assist you in making the most of your profession with educaiton sessions from leaders in the field, information-filled articles in InView online, common interest groups, lively exchange networks, and advocacy efforts.  NYSAE exists for you.

NYSAE Exists to Assist You in Your Efforts

As a professional working towards success in everything you and your association/not-for-profit sets out to do, you understand the challenges and opportunities unique to New York's association/not-for-profit community. With NYSAE, you know you are not alone in your quest for success in this ever-changing, fast-moving, results-driven business. NYSAE provides you with tools, resources, and opportunities in your own community to learn, to grow, and to succeed.