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Get to know the NYSAE Team

Holly_Whimsical_Shot.jpgCEO - Holly Koenig

Before becoming NYSAE CEO in 2019, Holly was a long time member, receiving numerous awards and serving on the Board. Holly is a total association nerd. She’s passionate about managing any kind of member-based association or professional society, whether it be an international trade group or a complex chapter. Currently Senior Vice President of Kellen, she’s nicknamed the “turn-around expert” and she truly enjoys the more challenging assignments. In addition to NYSAE, Holly currently provides strategic support to Executive Directors in Kellen’s New York City, Chicago and DC offices. When she’s not answering emails, you might find Holly pursuing musical theatre or stand-up comedy. She lives on Long Island with her husband Andrew, daughter Lauren and Lucky, their Malshipoo.

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What's the best advice you’ve ever given or received?
Don’t present a problem without providing at least one option for a solution

What was the last thing that made you laugh out loud?
I’m pretty sure it had something to do with the “Borat” Sequel.

What’s a productivity tip you swear by?
Block “me” time on your work calendar every day. That could mean emails, a stretch or strategic thinking.

James_Staff.jpgGeneral Manager and Associate Director - James Brannigan

James is excited to be working with NYSAE as the General Manager and Associate Director after getting involved in 2017 at the board and committee retreat (as seen on the NYSAE homepage!) A 2015 graduate of Iona College, James joined Kellen shortly after and has worked on numerous associations both national and New York based. In a past life he was an accomplished music blogger covering major music festivals in the Northeast and interviewing international sensation DJs. Born and raised on Long Island and loves video games, comics and Hemingway. If you really want to know James, look no further than the famous Honus Wagner quote: "People ask me what I do in winter when there's no baseball. I'll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring." Go Yankees!

Tatyana_Staff.jpegMembership and Events Manager - Tatyana James

In addition to being the Membership Manager and Meeting Planner for NYSAE, Tatyana is the General Manager of New England Society in the City of NY, one of oldest charitable associations in the United States. She is a 2014 graduate of Johnson and Wales University with a BA degree in Event Management and Culinary Arts. When she’s not on a site visit or going over a seating chart, you might find Tatyana at a local food market picking up fresh groceries. She loves to cook and spend time with friends and family. Tatyana was born and raised in New Jersey (a true Jersey girl)! After leaving the Garden State, she now resides in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Katherine_Staff.jpgCommunications Manager - Katherine Hidchenko

Katherine is a communications graduate of Bentley University, and worked towards building her career while obtaining her degree through various internships. After moving to New York post-grad and gaining more experience, she landed her communications role at Kellen’s NYC office where she explores the vast world of associations through the eyes of NYSAE. Outside of Katherine’s desk, she likes to explore new coffee shops, attend concerts and sit out in the sunshine whenever possible.

What's the best advice you’ve ever received?
The first pancake is always lumpy! This is a Russian proverb that reminds me that nothing is expected to be perfect the first time around, and that’s okay.

What was the last thing that made you laugh out loud?
The show Gogglebox from the UK never fails to make me laugh. It’s a simple concept and an easy watch.  
What’s a productivity tip you swear by?
Count to five, and then do whatever it is you need to do.

Meetings and Exhibitions Manager - Tonya Clemmons

Tonya Clemmons joined Kellen in 2017 with more than twenty (20) years’ experience in planning, logistics and on-site presence for meetings, conferences and special events.  She has managed meetings that range from 50 to 3,000 attendees. Tonya has proven success working with board and committee members, c-suite executives and senior level management to strategically and innovatively implement their event goals and strategies. Tonya is the team liaison to NYSAE’s Racial & Social Justice Taskforce and is assigned management responsibilities for NYSAE’s flagship event Meet New York. Tonya earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing at the State University of New York, Fashion Institute of Technology.

What's the best advice you’ve ever given or received?
Pray continually…the spirit is eager, but the flesh is weak

What was the last thing that made you laugh out loud? 
A 4-year singing and dancing to songs 20+ years older than she is!  When I need to laugh, I watch it over and over…https://www.facebook.com/170093733004764/posts/3952188471461919/

What’s a productivity tip you swear by?
Don’t touch “paper” twice.  I try to ensure all components of a project (could be as simple as an email composition or response) are complete the first time so there are few to no questions where you have to spend time “touching” them again. 

Association Controller – Regina Caldwell

Regina joined Kellen as Association Controller in 2015 and has over 30 years of accounting experience including non-profit and the US Army Reserves.  She graduated from The University of Maryland with a BS in Accounting and a minor in Business Management. Regina enjoys the team environment that Kellen offers and is responsible for 7 association clients, including NYSAE. She prepares the financials reports on a monthly basis, monitors cash flow and assists with the budget process among other accounting functions. In her free time, Regina likes to listen to music and write poetry and is currently in the process of writing her first book.  She relocated from New Jersey and now resides in Atlanta with her son.

What's the best advice you’ve ever given or received?
“Your word is your bond” – Having integrity is key.
What was the last thing that made you laugh out loud?
A kids say the darndest things video.
What’s a productivity tip you swear by?
I keep a journal containing daily “to do” lists and client notes.

Jessica_Staff.jpgPublic Affairs Committee Liaison - Jessica Hughson-Andrade

Jessica is glad to be part of the NYSAE team, serving as the liaison to the Public Affairs Committee. She has worked on advocacy and education issues facing the healthcare and social service industry. With hyper-local and international experience and a passion for policy, Jessica brings more than 15 years’ experience from the nonprofit sector. When not at work, Jessica can be found hiking trails, cooking (and eating!) and exploring new places. She lives on Long Island with her husband Esteban, very active toddler Julian, and Barbra, their Jack Russell terrier.

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Photo: Mt. Washington Summit, NH

What's the best advice you’ve ever given or received?
Make sure to keep your own candle lit before lighting others
What was the last thing that made you laugh out loud? 
During a board meeting, a client president had the Iron Throne as her Zoom background and said that you can refer to her as Khaleesi for the duration of the meeting
What’s a productivity tip you swear by?
Use your calendar to not only schedule meetings but also for project work and reminders to keep up progress. I take copious notes but rarely look at them later!


Sponsorship Sales - Alan Goodin

Alan Joined Kellen’s NYC office in 2009 as Kellen’s communications intern, through FIT’s internship program (Alan holds a degree in international trade and marketing). Since 2009 Alan has worked on everything from office operations, managing and producing large client events, to Executive Director for multiple associations. Currently, Alan serves on our sponsorship and relationship development team, helping NYSAE and other associations grow non-dues revenue. A 17 year veteran of NYC, Alan just re-located back to the south in Alabama, in spring of 2020, where he now enjoys fishing and camping vs. the big city life (but he still misses NYC’s energy and plans to visit often).

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What's the best advice you’ve ever given or received?
Pressure and trials in life reveal character and help you grow, embrace the tough times. “If only sunshine, you’ll have a desert.”
What was the last thing that made you laugh out loud? 
My 2 year old niece dancing and getting really excited when her “song” came on.
What’s a productivity tip you swear by?
Do the hard things first and then the easy things are easy 

About NYSAE Headquarters

The New York Society of Association Executives (NYSAE) is located in the New York City office of Kellen. Kellen is one of the world's leading providers of association management services helping trade groups and professional societies achieve their missions. NYSAE team members are all employees of Kellen.

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