Engagement Groups (EGs)

At NYSAE, we believe in offering different formats and experiences to help you learn and network. Our goal is to equip you with the information you need to succeed professionally and personally. One of our most popular educational series is know as our Engagement Groups. 

The Engagement Groups (formally SIGs) provide the setting and occasion for like-minded professionals in association and not-for-profit management to share ideas, knowledge, and experiences. Our EGs are organized around a common interest area, offering the opportunity for ongoing interaction among professionals during the session and afterwards. 

Our EGs Share These Common Elements

  • EGs are informal and highly interactive, often led by a guest facilitator.
  • The size of the group ranges from 10-35 people, depending on room size and topic.
  • NYSAE members are granted free admission and may invite guests to attend.
  • Guests are able to attend two EG events at no charge before they are invited to join NYSAE.

EG Descriptions

Executive Women in Nonprofits (EWIN)
Chaired by Kirsten Wynn

The Executive Women in Nonprofits provides an opportunity for women in leadership roles (CEOs, COOs, Executive Directors, Vice Presidents, and Board Members, etc.) to engage in interactive high-level discussions with like-minded peers. EWIN’s goal is to build relationships, test new ideas, receive feedback, and inspire one another. Together we face the challenges of managing high-level careers by sharing practices from multiple perspectives. 

Next Generation Leadership (NextGen)
The Next Generation Leadership Group is for young professionals (20s – early 30s), who are just starting out or in mid-level management at their organization. Attendees convene and engage in interactive dialogues with outside facilitators, enjoy career discussions, and mentoring programs. NextGen’s mission is to give young professionals the opportunity to connect with other young leaders and to help them build networks by learning from each other.

For more information on Engagement Groups, contact Holly Koenig at hkoenig@kellencompany.com.