Diplomat Award

Diplomat Award


The criteria for this award are:



  • Must be a Current Regular or Associate Member

This award recognizes the significant contribution of an NYSAE member with 15 or more years of service to NYSAE. The criteria for this award are:

  • A proven track record of innovative work to support NYSAE programs and activities;
  • Has actively participated on NYSAE committees;
  • Serves as a leader and mentor to the association community;
  • Is a role model for NYSAE members

Past Recipients:

  • 2013 Mary Jane Eimer CAE, M.S.W., CAE
  • 2012 Judy Sanford Guise, M.S.W., CAE
  • 2011 Robert O. Lehrman, J.D.
  • 2010 James E. Rocco
  • 2008 Charles S. Isenberg, CAE
  • 2007 Robert K. Soong, MBA, CAE, CSA
  • 2006 Sheila Guston, CAE
  • 2006 Joseph D. Madden, CAE
  • 2005 Paul Stone