April 2013

ASAE Meets With OMB on Federal Employee Travel

With federal agencies under orders to cut waste and reduce spending on travel and conferences, an ASAE delegation met in March with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to reinforce the importance of preserving the dialogue and exchange of ideas between government and private industries that so often occurs at association meetings and conferences.

The ASAE delegation included: John Graham, FASAE, CAE, ASAE president and CEO; Jim Clarke, CAE, ASAE senior vice president for public policy; Arlene Pietranton, PhD, FASAE, CAE, CEO of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, and ASAE chair-elect; Joseph Lynch, general counsel of the Military Officers Association of America; and Michael Petricone, senior vice president of government and regulatory affairs of the Consumer Electronics Association. Attending from OMB were OMB Controller Daniel Werfel and Deputy Controller Norman Dong.
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Featured Articles

How Worthy Cause Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Nonprofit Organization

If your association or nonprofit organization has a great mission but a tiny budget, guess what? You're the perfect candidate for worthy cause marketing. By partnering with the right small companies and start-ups, you can gain instant access to potential new members, donations, event attendees, and more, and have a lot of fun in the process.
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Attracting Attendees to Exhibitions

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) issued a new report, Attracting Attendees, that helps readers explore attendee preferences and understand how best to attract and engage attendees to an exhibition or to visit a booth.

Research results come from a recently completed study that is a repeat and extension of a project last done 10 years ago. It provides insights on how to effectively market to attendees and communicate with them on-premise at an event.
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Nonprofits Raising More Money, Reaching Larger Audience

Online nonprofit fundraising is on the rise, with explosive growth in sustaining gifts and a larger audience of supporters reached through social media networks like Facebook, according to a new analysis released of 55 of the country's leading nonprofits, including the American Red Cross, Sierra Club, American Lung Association, AARP, and Human Rights Campaign. While the growth of online fundraising is expected to remain robust, M+R Strategic Services & NTEN's eNonprofit Benchmarks Study also cites the long-term decline of response rates as a top priority for nonprofits evaluating their email performance in an increasingly crowded inbox.
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The Step-to-Step Guide of Benchmarking Your Fundraising

A benchmark is defined by the point of reference from which measurement is made. While seemingly simple, benchmarking proves to be an intimidating task for many donor management and fundraising professionals. The potentially overwhelming task is identifying the standard by which all the rest of your fundraising efforts will be measured. It's the first critical step in working towards a long-term strategy and setting yourself and your organization up for success.
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Five Things Great Leaders Do and Failing Ones Don’t

Are you a great leader or an at-risk failing leader? How do you know? What would your staff say? What would your association’s board say? While there is a seemingly endless list of things to consider when asking yourself “how am I doing?” it’s prudent to specifically focus on your attitudes and behaviors, These are the biggest differentiators between great leaders and failing leaders because they demonstrate the four core emotional intelligence metrics: self-awareness; self-management; social awareness; and relationship management. These four factors are directly correlated with attitudes and behaviors that work for you or against those in a leadership role.” ...(read more)

Member News

ConventionPlanit.com is offering a free virtual tool called RFP Organization. Data such as number of rooms, rates, available dates, average rates for several types of meal functions, meeting room rental fees, AAA/Forbes rating, recent renovations, closest airport, shuttle service and prices, and more are included in the RFP Organization tool, so that they can be tracked and compared.

Marriott International has been named one of the 2013 World's Most Ethical Companies by the Ethisphere Institute, reports Jeffrey Fagan, director, national accounts, Marriott Global Sales Organization. This is the sixth time the company has been recognized by Ethisphere for its commitment to maintaining superior business practices.                                                        
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Book Beat

  • Associations are developing lots of content—brochures, how-to-guides, books, articles, etc. Have you trademarked your logo or copyrighted your material? It’s critical in keeping your brand intact and an association’s ability to grow and thrive. Associations need to understand and navigate IP issues affecting them including: copyright, trademark, cybersecurity, privacy, social media, music licensing and member issues. It also covers patents, which associations don’t usually have, but it could impact them in sensitive places. Intellectual Property for Nonprofit Organizations and Associations (©2013, ASAE Association Management Press), by Jeff Glassie, Eileen Morgan Johnson, and Dana O. Lynch
  • Drawing on the experience and expertise of recognized authorities from association and nonprofit organizations, The Volunteer Management Handbook, Second Edition (©2012, John Wiley & Sons), by Tracy D. Connors
  • When Chad “Corntassel” Smith became Principal Chief, the Cherokee Nation was a chaotic and dysfunctional entity. By the end of his tenure 12 years later, the Nation had grown its assets from $150 million to $1.2 billion, increased business profess 2,000 percent, created 6,000 jobs, and dramatically advanced its education, language and cultural preservation programs. His book, Leadership Lessons from the Cherokee Nation (©2013, McGraw Hill)
  • Giving With Confidence: A Guide To Savvy Philanthropy (©, 2012, Heyday), by Colburn Wilbur and Fred Setterberg, provides offers seven core principles for effective philanthropy. The book aims to incorporate some of the best ideas from organized philanthropy and individual giving to provide a means for improving the reach, scope, and impact of an individual’s contributions.
  • How can associations compete effectively in a new normal characterized by complex challenges in the marketplace, member preferences, technology, and other areas? Road to Relevance: 5 Strategies for Competitive Associations (©2013, ASAE Association Management Press)

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