May 2013

NYSAE Synergy Awards Presented to Outstanding Members

NYSAE's Annual Synergy Awards Luncheon recognized outstanding service, leadership, websites, and special achievements. The April 17th program, at the New Yorker Hotel, was held in conjunction with the Technology Institute and Vendor Showcase. "This annual program," said Carter Keithley, NYSAE chair of the Board, "allows NYSAE to pay tribute to our colleagues who give so much of their time, talents, and energy to our association, and to their own." NYSAE gave awards to: Outstanding Association Executive; Outstanding Associate Member; Distinguished Service; Outstanding Committee Chairperson; Diplomat Award; and CyberSpace Website Awards.
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Featured Articles

NYSAE Technology Institute Says Drive Your Association Through Inspiration, Modernization, and Innovation

NYSAE’s April Technology Institute and Vendor Showcase stressed how technology can support an association’s mission and influence change. Through two case studies, members learned what organizations have done to modernize and innovate to remain competitive and relevant.
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ASAE Debuts New Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarking Tool for Association Management

ASAE is introducing the first Diversity + Inclusion (D+I) tool for associations called the Association Inclusion Index. It’s an online, diagnostic tool that evaluates D+I policies, philosophies, and practices against community standards. The tool offers strategies and solutions for expanding an organization’s reach, relevance and reputation through practicing inclusive excellence. It focuses on five key D+I performance domains in associations, including: Mission and Focus; Roles and Leadership Accountability; Resources; Operations; and Communication and Culture.
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10 Top Ways To Win Using Pinterest

Pinterest is a social bookmarking site that allows users to create a visual, online pinboard with images they love organized around topics of their choice by category. It’s the fastest growing social media site in history, the third-largest network after Facebook and Twitter and has more than 25 million members and 10 million unique visitors a month.
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Associations and Nonprofits Should Take Steps To Protect Against Cyber Theft

Everyone knows that if a commercial bank account is victimized by cyber thieves, there’s no need to worry; your bank or the Federal Deposit Insurance Agency (FDIC) will make it whole, right?


The FDIC only covers bank accounts against the bank going out of business. Perhaps more importantly, while banks are obligated to cover losses to personal accounts, they are not responsible for doing the same for business accounts, including those of associations and nonprofits.
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Five Mistakes Leaders Unknowingly Make

Most leaders know that command and control is dead and that fear doesn’t motivate employees. Quite the opposite, in fact. That’s why, for the most part, we refrain from doing scary things. Only the worst bully bosses make it a practice to scream at an employee, or call him abusive names, or threaten to fire him the next time he makes the coffee too strong. Yet, even good leaders unintentionally strike fear in the hearts of their staff. More accurately, we strike it into their brains. ...(read more)

Member News

Zon-Wei Cheng is program manager at When Work Works at Families and Work Institute, where she co-manages the When Work Works initiative and the Alfred P. Sloan Awards

Beverly R. Daniel, MS, MBA, CareerGrowth Group, spoke on Differentiating Your Career & Entrepreneurial Brand for the Williams Club of New York.

Nicole Millman-Falk, CAE, Millman-Falk Communications, LLC, has been retained by Riverside Church to produce a dynamic new annual report, the first the church has done in many years.                                                        
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Book Beat

  • Tax Planning and Compliance for Tax-Exempt Organizations: Rules, Checklists, Procedures, 5th Edition (©2012, John Wiley & Sons), by Jody Blazek and Amanda Adams, provides a guide to navigating the complex maze of nonprofit tax rules and regulations.
  • The Financial and Accounting Guide for Not-for-Profit Organizations, Eighth Edition (©2012, John Wiley & Sons), by John H. McCarthy, Nancy E. Shelmon, and John A. Mattie of the PricewaterhouseCoopers Not-for-Profit Industry Services Group, includes accounting, tax, and reporting guidelines for different types of organizations, detailed explanations of financial statements, step-by-step procedures and forms, and a how-to section on setting up and keeping the books.
  • Those who serve the public trust must take special care to ensure they make ethical and responsible decisions. Yet the realities of bureaucracies, deadlines, budgets, and demands for quick results make the payoffs for dealing formally with ethics seem unclear. The Responsible Administrator (©2012, Jossey-Bass), by Terry L. Cooper, guides the reader through the challenges of making ethical, responsible decisions in real world situations.
  • Drawing on the knowledge and experience of hundreds the world's top social change leaders in all fields, author Beverly Schwartz presents a model for change based on five proven principles that any individual leader or organization can apply to bring about deep, lasting, and systematic change. Rippling: How Social Entreprenuers Spread Innovation Throughout The World (©2012, Jossey-Bass) demonstrates how and when empathy, creativity, passion, and persistence are combined; significant, life-altering progress is indeed possible.

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