January 2013

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NYSAE Ushers in the Holiday Season

NYSAE members and guests gathered for an evening of fun and cheer at a Holiday Cocktail Party at the rooftop of the American Heart Association. A backdrop of sparkling lights on 42nd Street greeted the sold-out crowd where long-time members and first-timers met for an evening of camaraderie. Music and catering provided by the American Heart Association helped all celebrate the holiday season together.
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Featured Articles

Career Impact! Managing Your Brand Through Social Media*

When considering a career change, having a personal professional brand is critical to your success in today’s highly competitive race for finding gainful employment. Whether you’re looking for a new job or attempting to move up the ladder in your current organization, maintaining a professional brand can heighten your chances for a better career.
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New York Attorney General Proposes New Rules Requiring
Nonprofits Funding Political Communications to Disclose Donors*

On December 11, 2012, the New York Attorney General’s Office proposed rules that would require nonprofit organizations doing business in New York to disclose their spending on a wide range of activities, including those unrelated to New York elections or candidates. The rules also would require groups that spend more than $10,000 to identify donors giving $100 or more.
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New Ways To Think About Your Debt

In today’s investment environment, it’s more important than ever to make sure that all facets of your financial plan are working efficiently. Let’s explore the liability side of your balance sheet and discuss how access to strategic financing solutions can help keep you on track to achieving your goals.
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The Board’s Best Questions

Before accepting an offer to serve on a board, a prospective director should ask a few key questions. You, as the organization’s executive director or key staff member, should be armed with the answers:
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Globalization Is Affordable, Manageable, and Rewarding

Globalization is affordable, manageable, and rewarding. The world is becoming smaller much faster than most people expected. We live in a global economy. When Italy made some economic announcements in 2011 that were poorly received, the American stock market dropped more than 500 points. Consider the effects Greece’s recent challenges are having on both the European and American markets.
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Johns Hopkins Study Reveals What Makes Nonprofits Special

Despite their diversity, U.S. nonprofits are in basic agreement that seven core values—being productive, effective, enriching, empowering, responsive, reliable, and caring—set the nonprofit sector apart from government and for-profit businesses, according to a new report from the Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies' Listening Post Project. Nonprofit leaders believe that stakeholders in government, the media, and the general public do not understand these values of the nonprofit sector—a situation that needs to be remedied to ensure the survival of the nonprofit sector in light of ongoing challenges.
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Wiley Acquires Assets from Association/Nonprofit Publisher

John Wiley & Sons acquired the assets of Stevenson, Inc., a resource for newsletters and online events in fundraising, nonprofit management, and communications. These assets include six newsletters and a variety of online events and special reports. The acquisition will enable Wiley to expand its digital delivery of content to the growing nonprofit market globally.
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Business Travelers Survey

Today’s business travelers are surprisingly social on the road, according to a recent survey by Four Points by Sheraton. Aside from sleeping, for instance, survey respondents indicated that enjoying the hotel bar or restaurant with colleagues or business partners was their number one activity during free time, outpacing time spent in the gym, spa, shopping or catching up with local acquaintances.
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Book Beat

  • Leaders seeking to build excellent, ethical, and enduring organizations engage people more, gain their loyalty, and creativity, and build mutually beneficial relationships with other stakeholders, according to Bob Vanourek and Greg Vanourek, the authors of Triple Crown Leadership (©2012, McGraw Hill).
  • A Passion for Giving: Tools and Inspiration for Creating a Charitable Foundation (©2012, John Wiley & Sons), by Peter J. Klein and Angelica Berrie, provides an overview and template to understand the issues involved in managing a private foundation, starting with an engaging narrative that introduces the basics of estate planning, charitable giving, and private foundations.
  • The Nonprofit Board Answer Book (©2012, Jossey-Bass), by BoardSource is written as a hands-on guide for nonprofit board members and other nonprofit leaders who are charged with meeting the goals of their organizations
  • Managing To Change the World: The Nonprofit Manager’s Guide to Getting Results (©2012, Jossey-Bass) by Alison Green and Jerry Hauser, is a very basic manual with advice and tools that will help nonprofit managers get better results in their work.
  • Asking empowers us, yet it is one of the most underutilized tools we possess. In his book The Answer is Yes But First You Have to Ask (©2012, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform) Jim Charette explores the power of questions to help deliver more of what we want and need.

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