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New members save $50 when they join NYSAE in November and December

By Jennifer Ian and Robin Hickey
As an introduction to NYSAE, new members who join during November and December will not only benefit from all that NYSAE membership offers, but they will also save $50.

Why take advantage of this offer? It’s the ROI. You cannot find another organization in the New York area like NYSAE that delivers the same great benefits and opportunities for association and not-for-profit executives. NYSAE offers access to a unique community to connect with and learn from our peers, knowledgeable partners, and other resources. Click here to take a look at the full member benefits.

Read what members find valuable about NYSAE
NYSAE membership opened up a whole new world to me. I joined for the education and I got so much more—a wonderful community of smart business people who are passionate about helping each other be successful in the important work that we do for associations and not for profits. Holly Koenig, Vice President, Kellen Company

Belonging to NYSAE gives you an opportunity to rub elbows with colleagues and develop friendships to last a lifetime.
Gina Ryan, CEO Pathways

Contacts, intellectual content, programs. Beverly Daniel, CCC

Act now!
New membership applications will be accepted between November 1 and December 31. Join today! (Sorry, this offer is not valid for membership renewals.)

Jennifer Ian is chair, NYSAE Membership Committee, and director, Member Services and Chapter Relations, American Thoracic Society, 212-315-8697, Robin Hickey is vice chair, NYSAE Membership Committee, and executive director, New England Society in the City of New York, 212-752-1938,