July 2017

CEO Connect Recap: NYSAE’s Supergroup Event

This past June, NYSAE formed its own supergroup through CEO Connect – the organization’s innovative educational program designed exclusively for CEOs, Executive Directors, COOs and CFOs....


Member Spotlight: An E-Interview with Jennifer Ian

Last month, we kicked off a new series of member spotlights whereby we conduct interviews with NYSAE members entirely through email. Why? Well, because our members are awesome and unique. This month, we continue our series with an interview of Jennifer Ian, Director, Member Services and Chapter Relations at the American Thoracic Society (ATS) and NYSAE board member


The Red Balloon Project: Turning a Passion Into an Action?

Imagine you just walked into a surprise party and you are the guest of honor. The people in that room would most likely be those who know you the best, right? Family. Close friends. Neighbors and co-workers with whom you are tight...


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News From The Non-Profit Sectort

Member News

Longtime NYSAE Member and former chair of the Technology Committee Lee Hornstein has recently co-founded ConfluenceGlobal, an organization that merges three foundational elements – People, Process, and Technology - into the core of their customer’s business strategy.

NYSAE Board member Ethan V. Draddy has just celebrated his 29th year with the Boy Scouts of America and his 4th year as the CEO and Scout Executive at the Greater New York Councils, Boy Scouts of America.

NYSAE Board member Jennifer A. Ian, MBA, CAE has recently celebrated her 7th anniversary as Director, Member Services and Chapter Relations at American Thoracic Society.

Louis J. Coletti, President, Building Trades Employers Association and past chair of NYSAE, was recently honored at City & State New York's Corporate Social Responsibility Awards Ceremony.

On July 16-17, NYSAE Board and Committee members attended the annual Board and Committee Retreat. This year, the annual meeting was hosted at the beautiful Harrah’s Atlantic City & Waterfront Conference Center.


NYSAE would like to welcome these new members to our community...

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Association Executive Book Shelf

The Art of Thinking Clearly

The Art of Thinking Clearly
by Rolf Dobelli Harper
(Published by Collins, 2013).

The first duty of any leader is to think clearly. This book explores 99 ways that humans are predisposed to think in muddled ways, draw inaccurate conclusions, and act accordingly. I guarantee that some of these thinking biases will be familiar to you. Many of them were to me. And once you have the author’s clarifications in mind, they will naturally come into play when you are about to make the next decision...

Churchill & Orwell: The Fight for Freedom

Churchill & Orwell: The Fight for Freedom
by Thomas E. Ricks
(Published By Penguin Press, 2017)

What could a book about two figures who came to prominence in the WW II era possibly have to say to leaders of today’s associations and other types of non-profit organizations?...