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Event Spotlight: CEO Connect: A Conversation with Dr. Max

By Denman Wall

From left to right: Michael L. Weamer, Immediate Past Chair or NYSAE and President & CEO of The Marfan Foundation; CEO Connect Speaker, Dr. Max Gomez, WCBS-TV Sr. Medical Correspondent; Joel A. Dolci, CAE, President & CEO, NYSAE;

What happens when you mix a science celebrity with Michael Weamer and association executives? You get a compelling discussion about how things work within humanity’s collective bioscience systems as well as a lesson on how to handle the media.

At this month’s CEO Connect, C-level executives were treated to an hour-long discussion with Dr. Max Gomez, a.k.a. “Dr. Max.” During the session, Dr. Max shared some of the breakthroughs around stem cell science, T-Cell therapies and other medical treatments currently being explored and used to treat patients with widespread conditions. While being cutting edge, sometimes scientific breakthroughs come with questions. As a person in the spotlight, Dr. Max has to be able to present his medically-oriented reports while dealing with tough questions from onlookers with grace and ease, including the media.

Dr. Max explained that leaders should not shy away from answering media questions, but to be honest when sharing. It is okay to say, “I don’t know” or “we are trying to get that information.” But, be sure to “put a period on it” so as to know when to stop responding. What’s more, organizations should not wait too long to respond. Hiding in the absence of information is not good. Importantly, Dr. Max cautioned the attendees to “never lie to a reporter because it will come back to you…” Finally, be sure to have a responsive crisis communication plan because news cycles are measured by a stopwatch these days. 

Thanks to all who participated!

Lee Hornstein

Lee Hornstein, CEO and Founder of C Systems Global has partnered with Craig Dellorso, a well known association software industry veteran to create Confluence Global. The company is based in the DC area and is focused on providing IT Strategy, fractional CIO and other services exclusively in the association market. For more information, visit

Eileen Arnold

Eileen Arnold, Vice Chairperson of the NYSAE Membership Committee, announces that The National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) has launched a new charitable organization, NAPAP Partners for Vulnerable Youth. For more information, read the press release at

Ethan Draddy

Ethan Draddy, CEO & Scout Executive at Greater New York Councils, Boy Scouts of America, announced that on November 4th, 2017, the historic Explorers Club marked a momentous contribution to the Boy Scouts of America. From the brilliant and daring minds that inhabit the Explorers Club came the drafting and publishing of a brand new merit badge: Exploration! The Explorers Club hosted an Exploration Merit Badge Instruction session for 76 city scouts, staffed by world-renowned Explorers. For more information, read the informational brochure at

Robert Blumenfeld

Robert "Bobby" Blumenfeld, Executive Director of ACG New York, was chosen as the Inaugural Recipient of the Thomas Farrell Memorial Award which celebrates contributions to the mergers and acquisitions industry. "I cannot think of a more fitting candidate for the inaugural Tom Farrell Memorial Award than Bobby Blumenfeld, who embodies the very essence of this award's purpose," stated David Fergusson, President and Co-CEO of The M&A Advisor.