Leadership Letter - Anat Kendal August 2022

Many years ago, one of my mentors bought me as their guest to a Synergy Awards luncheon, where I had the honor of meeting the best and brightest in the Association Management community. To be truthful, I was very skeptical of what I would gain by spending those hours sitting at a lunch table listening to a list of speakers. I think I even expressed that to my mentor! But they knew best, as the connections, collaboration and knowledge-sharing that I experienced that day have continued throughout my service with NYSAE. I am now excited to keep learning from all of you as incoming Board Treasurer.

Since joining NYSAE, what I've gained in return has been indispensable. A deeper understanding of the not-for-profit world, as well as the opportunity to hear the valuable unique perspectives of peers who are always happy to share their own experiences, are among the learnings. All of this has been incredibly beneficial to me as a finance professional, and especially now so – leading in the industry today is even harder as we feel continued economic stressors and market turbulence.

To help grow NYSAE, both in revenue and in membership, I look forward to reaching out to my own network and sharing with others the incredible experience that I had when I was first introduced to the organization.

Excitedly, those joining us will be able to take advantage of more programming, new educational concepts, and new event types as NYSAE continues to execute on its strategic plan. Growing the organization will only help the entire Association Management industry by providing new ideas and access to broader audiences.

When we connect with and mentor others, it truly is a three-way benefit. First, to your mentee, who is given access to more knowledge and connections; second, to you, as you broaden the exposure of your mentee; and third, to NYSAE, which can grow and evolve using each other’s knowledge and individual experiences.

It's an honor to follow in the footsteps of my mentor from all those years ago, and I'm excited to serve this exceptional community, comprising all of you. A community that makes NYSAE indispensable!

Anat Kendal
NYSAE Board Treasurer