Leadership Letter - Kimberly Unger July 2022

I am incredibly honored to be the incoming Board Secretary of the NYSAE. Having spent more than 25 years in association management and several years on the NYSAE board, I am aware of the opportunities and challenges facing the associations we all represent and am excited to help shape the future of the NYSAE through continued board service.


Associations – regardless of size or the communities that they represent– have been facing pressures and challenges, including an accelerated pace of change, economic stresses, competition from for-profit organizations, the internet, and other free information sources. Consequently, the need to articulate our value proposition to members in a meaningful way, to develop stronger boards, to review our governance models, and look to outcome-based strategies is greater than ever. Leaders of associations must be prepared to consider new approaches and the NYSAE is no different.


I am confident that the NYSAE, expanding upon the successes achieved in the last few years, and with exciting plans on the horizon, is well positioned to bring together resources, people, and partnerships to help professionals thrive and facilitate growth within their associations. We strive to serve as an example of what an association can accomplish with committed and forward-thinking board members, committee chairs, volunteers, and staff.  All of us here at NYSAE recognize that now is not the time to step back but rather to step forward. I am excited to serve with our new Board Chair, Bob Spangler, and all the other exceptional professionals on the board, as we focus on innovative programing, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and new technologies to better serve our community.


NYSAE is also improving the way we work as an association. We want to be the space for collaborative efforts among our partners and stakeholders.  We are refreshing our vision for how we deliver impact, exploring new systems and technology to better serve our stakeholders, and working to improve our website to offer visitors an enhanced experience. 


One of the best things about membership and engagement with the NYSAE community is the access to other association professionals and the opportunity to share with and learn from their experiences. We can go it alone or we can choose a better path, escape our silos, and associate with like-minded professionals. NYSAE is where I go to get information and new ideas to improve the association at which I work, as well as grow professionally and personally. It is the exceptional community of association professionals that truly excites me to continue to serve NYSAE. As we look to respond to the changing needs of our members and stakeholders, I hope we can count on you to join us as thought partners and co-creators of strategies that drive innovation, strengthen our members’ associations, and help the community appreciate the vital role that associations play in our society, business, and community life.


Kimberly Unger, Esq., CAE
CEO, Security Traders Association of New York
NYSAE Board Secretary