July 2013

NYSAE Launches New SIG for Executive Women in Nonprofits

NYSAE’s newest Shared Interest Group (SIG) for Executive Women in Nonprofits kicked off in April with 25 women meeting at the offices of the American Group Psychotherapy Association. The SIG is comprised of chief executives—CEOs, COOs, executive directors, vice presidents—working full time for a nonprofit, trade association or professional society.
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NYSAE Law SIG Discusses the Legal Risks of Social Media

Online social media, including social networks, blogs, and bookmarking sites, offer terrific opportunities for nonprofits to build communities, communicate with supporters and members, and advance their respective missions, causes and industries. In fact, it is difficult to find a nonprofit these days not steeped in online social media. However, doing so without carefully considering and managing the potential legal risks can expose the unwary organization to significant, potential liabilities. Although the laws and regulations governing online social media are diverse and very much evolving, nonprofits should be able to recognize and guard against known legal traps that can snare them when operating in this environment.
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Associations Support New York State Emergency Responder Act

After concerns about overwhelming liability sidelined some of the building industry's major construction firms during the City's response to Superstorm Sandy, several industry organizations are urging passage of a New York Emergency Responder Act by the end of the legislative session in Albany, June 20.

The Emergency Responder Act, introduced in June in the Senate and the Assembly, would protect firms aiding government during emergency response and recovery efforts from the threat of unlimited liability claims after the event.

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New Studies on Philanthropic Giving Trends Show Hopeful Signs for Nonprofits and Communities in Need

In 2011, the largest U.S. foundations gave $10.2 billion in grants to benefit underserved communities and $2.9 billion towards empowering them. These are among the new findings from the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) in its annual The Philanthropic Landscape series on key foundation giving trends.

In The Philanthropic Landscape: The State of Giving to Underserved Communities 2011, the philanthropy watchdog group notes that the share of foundation grant dollars reported as benefiting the poor, elderly, women and other marginalized groups was 42 percent, a slight increase from the 40 percent average in 2008–2010.
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The End of Fierce Individualism

America loves a fierce individualist. There is something inspiring about the lone executive director blazing a path into the valuable future. Yet, while our culture will always celebrate the individual, the near future will be all about innovation for sustainable value creation, led by teams.
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The Three Powerful Questions You Can Ask and How They Can Get You Unstuck

Joe has always been a successful association executive. But recently he's found that the strategic planning system that once served his organization well is no longer working. He used to be able to plan on a five-year cycle. Now, even one-year cycles are too long. Regardless of his best-laid plans, other forces in the association keep overriding his strategies. What's more, the tricks that have always helped him see what needs to be done and motivate his staff are failing him. Joe is deeply frustrated. It seems so unfair; how can it be that here, at the point in his career when he thought he knew everything he needed to know about his job, each day is such a struggle?
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IRS Report Outlines Changes To Ensure Accountability Re Tax-Exempt Applications

Internal Revenue Service Principal Deputy Commissioner Danny Werfel issued a report outlining new actions and next steps to fix problems uncovered with the IRS’ review of tax-exempt applications and improve the wider processes and operations in place at the IRS.

The three-part report covers a wide range of areas Werfel and his leadership team examined during the past month. The report cites actions to hold management accountable and identifies immediate steps to help put the process for approving tax-exempt applications back on track. Werfel also outlines actions needed to protect and improve wider IRS operations, ranging from compliance areas to taxpayer service.
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Member News

Jeffrey Fagan, director, national accounts, Marriott, announced that the company received a Global Vision Award from Immigration Equality, a national organization fighting for equality under U.S. immigration law for LGBT and HIV-positive individuals. The award recognizes Marriott’s impassioned advocacy in support of legislation that would provide same-sex couples full access to U.S. immigration benefits.                                                        
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Book Beat

  • Communication has never been this easy. Smartphones, tablets and laptops make it easy to keep in touch and stay connected. So, why are so many businesses bad at communicating? The Innovative Communicator (©2012, Balboa Press), by Miti Ampoma, recognizes that the relationship between social media and face-to-face communication are completely intertwined and must work together for the greater good in a modern business climate.
  • Will you be one of the 40% who fail in your new leadership position? More than 75% of the reason for failure is poor assimilation into the new situation according to various students by the Harvard Business Review, the Center for Creative Leadership, and Manchester Partners International. In their book The Ascending Leader (©2013, Smart Business Network), authors Diane Egbers and Karen Schenck identify seven enemies of success and their strategies for overcoming. The goal—for leaders to articulate a compelling vision and focused business plan.

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