October 2013

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Designed specifically for board members, CEOs, CFOs and senior management, NYSAE's Finance & Management Institute will focus on changes to New York's Not-for-Profit Corporation Law and investment outlooks.

The program begins with a review of New York's Non-Profit Revitalization Act, a bill that makes comprehensive updates to the New York Not-for-Profit Corporation Law, as well as several other statutes related to nonprofits. The bill passed both houses of New York's legislature unanimously and is awaiting delivery to the Governor's office. The Act would be the first major revision to New York's nonprofit laws in more than 40 years.
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Featured Articles

The Art of Negotiation

The compensation package you draw at one association can set the pattern for the level of income you can command when negotiating with future employers. The terms you agree on will have a far-reaching impact on your entire career, so it is important to master the art of negotiation. It is not unusual for the difference between the earnings of two individuals to have far less to do with skills and talents than with each person's ability to negotiate.
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Board Dynamics and Dysfunction

Board Dynamics and Dysfunction was the topic of conversation when 30 women met at the offices of NYSSA on September 13 for NYSAE’s Executive Women in Nonprofits Shared Interest Group. To prepare, attendees were asked to review in advance the Harvard study—Dysfunction in the Boardroom: Understanding the persistent gender gap at the highest levels. Following is a summary of the provocative and interactive discussion
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Going Beyond the Logo: How to Integrate Your Brand for Success

Integrated branding—the concept of having all aspects of marketing communications work together in unified force with a consistent message—continues to gain acceptance.
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Mass Miscommunication: How Misusing Digital Tools Undermines Results

The very tools that enable us to maintain contact with people all over the world also distort our priorities, fragment our concentration, degrade our ability to listen, and scatter our attention. But like any other tool, our phones, computers, and tablets are inanimate objects. They aren’t the problem. We are.
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Seven Reasons Why Powerful People Fall

New York City mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner, Yankees star Alex Rodriguez, and hedge fund manager Steven Cohen all share something in common. They're all influential leaders in their field who engaged in risky behavior that caused them to plummet from positions of power. No leadership sphere is free of fallen heroes, whether it's in business, the nonprofit or government arena, the entertainment world, athletics, or religion.
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Is Tax Exemption Obsolete?

As Congress begins to debate broad-based tax reform, with everything on the table, is federal income tax-exempt status for nonprofit membership and philanthropic organizations at risk? Maybe, but not yet, concludes Jerry Jacobs, a partner at the law firm of Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP, who tackled that topic at NYSAE’s September Welcome Back Luncheon.
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Member News

Louis Coletti, president and CEO of the Building Trades Employers Association and a past chair of the board of NYSAE, was a speaker at the second annual City & State’s New Agenda Forum...

Ingrid Montecino has been appointed president & CEO of the Arthritis Foundation, Northeast Region...

Joseph E. Spinnato, president of the Hotel Association of New York City and a past chair of the board of NYSAE, will receive the 2013 Richard A. Cook Gold Medal Award from the Hundred Year Association...

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Book Beat

The Alchemy of Authentic Leadership (©2013, Balboa Press), by Steven Mendahl and Sharon Massoth, offers strategies to help leaders avoid scandal, be more effective, and heal their organizations...

The Empress Has No Clothes (©2013, Berrett-Koehler Publishers), by Joyce Roché, shares the author’s struggle with the imposter syndrome and offers advice and coping strategies based on her own experiences and those of other high achieving leaders...

Even Monkeys Fall From Trees is an old Japanese proverb that the Doug Lipp, author of a book (©2013, Hickethier Press International) by the same name particularly likes. It means that regardless of how capable or skilled anyone is, sooner or later, we all lose our balance and make mistakes...

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