March 2009


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Issue: March, 2009 



BBB Branding Story: The New York "Metrospective"
By Claire Rosenzweig, CAE
An association's or not-for-profit's local chapter or affiliate can make or break the effort of launching a successful global branding plan. Following is a recap of the Better Business Bureau's (BBB) branding story and how the BBB of Metropolitan New York contributed to its achievement 
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Brand Management Is Based on Partnership
By Suzanne Carawan

Traditional brand management, the discipline of overseeing the messaging and packaging of the image that you want individuals to perceive, involves a top-down approach. The organization creates the brand by combining value propositions and positioning with a visual identity. Brand management involves controlling the distribution and use of the brand to ensure that the quality and reputation of the organization or product is maintained. Organizations need to 
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The Silent Language of Leadership
By Carol Kinsey Goman, PhD
The chief executive officer of an oil company showed up at a refinery in a designer suit and tie to discuss the firm's affairs with rank-and-file operators, electricians, and members of the warehouse staff, dressed in their blue, fire-retardant overalls. After being introduced and walking carefully to the front of the room, he removed his Rolex wristwatch and 
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Tame Your E-Mail
By Karin Vibe-Rheymer-Stewart
Technology was supposed to make our lives easier and give us more time. Instead, the invention of e-mail has added a new layer to our already busy lives, inundating us with countless e-mails every day, most of them unnecessary or useless. This deluge of contacts is made worse by a fact of evolution 
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Social Responsibility Award Presented to ICSC 

NYSAE awarded its 2008 Social Responsibility Award to the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC). From left to right; Joseph Spinnato, CAE, Chair, NYSAE; Rudy Milian, senior staff vice president, ICSC; Michael P. Kercheval, CEO, ICSC; and Joel A. Dolci, CAE, president & CEO,NYSAE.
NYSAE's 2008 Social Responsibility Award was presented to the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) for its Passion Team: Rebuilding the Gulf South program. The award, initiated in 1991, spotlights those organizations that strive to solve our country's pressing social problems by channeling the talents of their employees and volunteers into community service projects that make a difference. ...(read more)

Meet NY Debuts on Broadway 

NYSAE members enjoyed an evening of arts, entertainment, and networking at Meet NY, a new event sponsored by NYSAE at the Hard Rock Cafe NY, and hosted by various supplier organizations. Following a reception at the Hard Rock Cafe, attendees were treated to a performance of West Side Story, currently in previews at the Palace Theater on Broadway...(read more)


Member Highlights Include:

  • Steven Berger, CEO, Craft & Hobby Association, elected to ASAE board for three-year term.
  • Robert F. Nelson, CAE, president and CEO, Nat'l Coffee Assn. earns CAE.
  • Erik Schonher, senior director of Marketing General Inc., has authored 10 Tips for Membership Marketing in a Recession.
  • Jeffrey Vasser, executive director of the Atlantic City Convention & Visitors Authority, was selected as the 2007 Busienssman of the Year by the Greater Atlantic City Chamber.

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