July 2012

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Meet Carter E. Keithley, NYSAE’s New Chairman of the Board

NYSAE’s newly installed chairman of the board, Carter E. Keithley, president of the Toy Industry Association (TIA), has ambitious goals for the coming year. Topping the list is growing the membership of NYSAE.

“Throughout my career, I have found value in learning from other association executives, as well as being exposed to the vendor community,” said Keithley. “When I first came to New York City from Washington, DC, in 2006, I wanted to find a network of local association executives. I was familiar with the SAE structure so sought out NYSAE,” he added.
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Newly installed NYSAE Chairman of the Board Carter Keithley (left) is joined by Greg David (center), June luncheon speaker, and Joel A. Dolci, CAE, NYSAE president and CEO. David, author of Modern New York, and director of the Business Reporting Program at the City University of New York’s Graduate School of Journalism, spoke about the Future of New York and Wall Street and why the 2013 Mayoral Election could be a watershed for New York City.

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Improving Engagement One Member at a Time

Membership is the lifeblood of any association. It is known that constant communication that delivers value is essential to keep members renewing each year. But what happens when some of your members aren’t noticing all of the benefits that deliver the value? In a world of so much digital noise, how can we make sure that our e-newsletters stand out in the inbox and are being delivered to those who really want the information?
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Measuring Member Engagement In Real Time and Over Time

It’s no secret that member engagement is imperative to the success of an association, yet it has never been measured in a consistent, usable way. As the adage goes: “That which gets measured, gets done.”

The Composite Engagement Score (CES) is a powerful tool that measures engagement with a single number. It’s simple to compile and understand, yet is comprehensive enough to provide a clear picture of the level of engagement an association has with its members, both individually and collectively. Better yet, CES is generated with information association executives already have.
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Tips for Effectively Handling Member Complaints

Spirit Airlines recently flew into a big public relations disaster. Sticking to a no-refunds policy, the airline refused to refund the airfare of a passenger who had to cancel his trip after finding out he has terminal cancer. The incident unearthed earlier cases of Spirit’s difficulty handling customer complaints. A couple of years ago, CEO Ben Baldanza hit “Reply All” on an email from two customers who had missed a concert due to a delayed flight. Essentially, he told his employees and (accidentally) the customers themselves that Spirit Airlines didn’t owe the customers anything and the customers would be back the next time they wanted low airfare.
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The Six Cs of StoryBranding:
A Breakthrough Approach To Identify and Develop A Compelling Brand Story

Since the beginning of language, stories have helped us understand human nature. By helping us identify with characters during their quests to achieve certain goals, stories teach us important lessons about who we are and what lies within our own potential. But this teaching is done through implication, not explanation. Stories don’t tell us how to think or what to value. Rather, they provide a welcomed freedom to self-select the truths we read into them. This is why they can be immensely powerful.
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Effective Nonprofit Interdepartmental Partnering

Divisive in the world of nonprofits are the employee and executive adverse reactions to anything entrepreneurial. This operating philosophy must be buried with the other relics of the 20th century if 21st century nonprofits are to thrive. The natural outcropping of this (should be) dead paradigm is silo mentality.
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Five Tips for Virtual Collaboration

Virtual collaboration holds amazing promise. When successful, it enables talented peers to work together regardless of location and organizations to mine the collective wisdom of a widely dispersed employee population. In order to tap into this potential, enterprises are increasingly using geographically distributed teams as a key part of their business strategy.
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7 Reasons Why The Perfect Job Candidate May Never Get A Call Back

Have you ever applied for a job that you knew you were a perfect fit for only to never hear back from that association? The reasons why you don’t hear back range from the logical to the downright wrong.
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Member News

For the first time in the publication’s history, Legal 500 created a nonprofit category for its 2012 rankings and recognized Venable, LLP’s nonprofit practice and its leaders.

The American Cancer Society was one of eight nonprofits to share in the grand prize from Central Amusement International (CAI), when it participated in the first-ever Cyclone Charity Coasterthon in Coney Island, Brooklyn.

Seasoned planning experts launch The Broadmoor Meetings Blog Meetings at The Broadmoor Facebook page to share information and tips for developing and staging effective meetings.

The San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau has published its official San Diego Meeting & Convention Planner’s Guide

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  • How To Win Grants: 101 Winning Strategies (©2012, Allworth Press)
  • Picasso on a Schedule: the Art and Science of Managing IT (©2012, Steven K. Wiggins, CIO)
  • If It’s Not Impossible, It's Not Interesting: Leveraging Personal Experience to Create a High Performance Team (©2012, Diageo North America)
  • Forces for Good: The Six Practices of High-Impact Nonprofits (©2012, John Wiley & Sons)

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