11 Tactics to Alleviate Board Micro Management
By Robert Nelson, CAE

CEOs are not always innocent when it comes to boards engaging in micromanagement. In fact, CEOs are sometimes culpable in creating and sustaining such behavior and are most often in a position to refocus boards on true board level work and what really matters...


Lost Potential and Performance Evaluation
By Jonathan D. Schick

The late songwriter Harry Chapin's 1972 anthem to loneliness and missed opportunity - Taxi - strikes a chord in all of us. The song's protagonist, Harry, aspires to be a pilot, while his sweetheart, Sue, longs for acting fame. Instead, both end up in dead end situations, wallowing in the misery of potential lost...


E-Interview with NYSAE Member Scotty Watson
By Denman Wall

One of our newest NYSAE members, Scotty Watson, Master Improv Teacher of Artistic New Directions, also known as ANDTheatre Company, has already made an impact on NYSAE through his comedy and acting skills...


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NYC & Company Supports Meetings Mean Business Coalition During the 4th Annual Global Industry Day
In support of the Meetings Mean Business Coalition (MMBC) during its 4th annual Global Meetings Industry Day (GMID), NYC & Company — the official destination marketing organization & convention and visitors bureau for the five boroughs of New York City — spearheaded and participated in the Tristate Meeting Planner event...

Replay of Board Engagement Webinar Now Available
This past March 20, NYSAE held a webinar with the topic of Board Engagement. At the session, attendees learned about board composition, challenges boards face and ways to engage the board members, and more.


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Association Executive Book Shelf

Book reviews by Raphael Badagliacca.


by Bill Bryson (HarperCollins, 2007)

One book leads to another. I was so impressed by Bill Bryson’s “A Short History of Nearly Everything” - one of last month’s reviews - it was only natural for me to be curious about what other books he may have written. And there are quite a few of them on a wide range of subjects...

The Tyranny of Convenience

The Tyranny of Convenience
an Op-Ed in the NY Times by Tim Wu

I was led to read one of the books I reviewed last month – “Heartificial Intelligence” by John C. Havens – after hearing him speak on a panel session at a CESSE (Council of Engineering and Scientific Society Executives) conference. He mentioned the Op-Ed piece as a succinct expression of the kind of trade-offs that characterize the bargains, we make with social media entities, without fully considering the consequences. This is not a one-sided argument...


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