5 Steps to Find a Job that is not Advertised

By Amy Geffen posted 09-13-2018 10:28


You've heard me say that there are only four ways to get a job and one of them is answering ads on the internet. But that will only get 10% of the job seekers a job. What about the rest of the 90% of you still looking? One of the other three ways is directly approaching a hiring manager in a company. This person is in a position to hire you, if there were a job, and if you were qualified. So the object is to get in front of as many people as possible before the job is even advertised.

1. Make a list of companies
 you want to work for. This is your job target list - your marketing plan ...think of every company, association, non-profit or university where you would like to work. Do you know someone who works there or can you be introduced to someone who works there? If so, great, if not, find out the name of the person two levels above you.

2 Research the companies on your list
 - read their website, dig deeper to find out not only the positives but also the negatives, the deep seated problems that don't necessarily make the headlines. Read articles in newspapers (e.g.WSJ), talk to people who work there...meet for coffee with them to find out the inside scoop. Find out what their problems, challenges, issue are and figure out how you can hep solve the.

3. Write directly to a hiring manage
r in a position to hire you if there were a position. Say you are impressed with their company..mention one thing specifically. Say you want to learn more about hem and tell them about you. Ask for a ;meeting.

4. Call the Hiring Manager to get the meetin
g. This may take several phone calls. You may have to get past the gate keeper, or administrative assistant. Call early in the morning or later in the evening.

5. At the meeting.
 Be curious and humble. Say what you learned and ask for more in depth information about their plans, projects, problems. At the meeting remember to say three things about yourself Ask three questions.

Remember to stay in touch after the meeting with every person you meet.

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