April 2012


The Changing Regulatory Landscape
for New York Associations

Over the past two months, the New York Society of Association Executives (NYSAE) has been busy–and successful–in dealing with several challenges in the legal regulation of associations by New York State. More proposed changes are expected, and NYSAE needs the support of each of its members.

As part of his budget bill, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo included changes to New York law, which would have done away with the decades-old distinction between charitable nonprofits (such as colleges and universities, hospitals and nursing homes, museums and foundations) and member–based nonprofits (such as associations and chambers of commerce).
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NYSAE Institute Shows How To Use Technology to Harness Meetings


NYSAE’s April Technology Institute demonstrated how to deploy technology solutions before, during, and after events to engage association members and other participants.  Technology is a tool, stressed all the speakers, not the ultimate goal.

“There are a broad range of technology tools available to support event planning,” said Lee Hornstein, CEO, (C)Systems, including: social and digital technologies; virtual meeting technology; content distribution systems; attendee engagement apps; cloud-based apps; mobile and tablet apps; polling; balloting; meet-ups, to name a few. Many of these are available at low cost to associations.
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NYSAE Offers Live Stream of Digital Now Technology Conference Speakers


NYSAE is one of three associations offering live feeds of the keynote speakers at this year’s Digital Now Conference, being held April 26–28 at the Disney Contemporary Resort in Orlando.  DigitalNow is an annual executive summit, which brings together CEOs and volunteer leaders from some of the most influential professional, non-profit, and trade associations in America.
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Preventing Embezzlement in Your Organization


Sadly, associations and nonprofit organizations are not immune from employee embezzlement. Because many nonprofits tend to be more trusting of their employees and have less stringent financial controls than their for-profit counterparts, they fall prey to embezzlement and other forms of employee fraud at an alarming rate. By way of recent example:
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Online Nonprofit Study


A new analysis various nonprofits–including the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, AARP, American Red Cross, and the World Wildlife Fund–shows nonprofit online fundraising grew for a second year in a row, driven largely by an increase in gifts to rights-based nonprofits.  While the response rates to fundraising email messages stayed fairly consistent for nonprofits in 2011, the average rates of new Facebook fans, mobile subscribers, and people who took action from an advocacy email soared.
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United Way of New York City Grants Promote Nonprofit Collaborations


United Way of New York City (UWNYC) awarded $237,775 in grants to help 25 New York City nonprofit organizations integrate and streamline the back ends of their organizations’ operations. The awards will enable collaborations of two to three small nonprofits to develop efficiencies that will result in time and money saved.
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Study Uncovers Association and Affinity Member Preferences


As association and affinity groups continue to look for ways to retain a thriving membership base, understanding member expectations for access to value–added benefits is a good place to start.  A recent study by MetLife took a closer look at the expectations and preferences of association and affinity group members (both broadly and by association type), particularly when it comes to addressing their financial protection needs. The study findings, contained in The Association and Affinity Marketplace: Expanding Business Opportunities by Understanding Member Preferences by Association Type, reveal insights into this market as a strategic growth channel for insurance brokers and third–party administrators (TPAs), and can be accessed at www.metlife.com/association.
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Shift Your Association’s Culture To Recruitment Evangelism


You’ve heard it before, “You’re either green and growing, or ripe and rotting.”  This has never before been truer in the world of trade associations and professional societies.  Too frequently, what your baby boomer aged members want is not consistent with what today’s recent college graduates desire.  What’s an association executive to do?

Change your organization’s culture.  Help your long–term members to see the wisdom behind diversity and inclusion, especially in the generational area.  Help them not to fear the young upstarts.  Help your current members to see the value to them personally in your organization reaching critical membership mass industry market share.

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Survey Finds Majority of Wikipedia Entries Contain Factual Errors


Sixty percent of Wikipedia articles about companies contain factual errors, according to research published in the Public Relations Society of America’s (PRSA) scholarly publication, Public Relations Journal.  Findings from the research will help establish a baseline of understanding for how public relations professionals work with Wikipedia editors to achieve accuracy in their clients’ entries.
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NYSAE Non-Dues Revenue Workshop Stirs New Ideas


Boosting revenue is an on-going challenge for every association and non-profit organization.  A March NYSAE workshop on non-dues revenue helped attendees think about old ideas in new ways and generate new ones.  Facilitated by Steve Wolfe, membership and marketing consultant, the session provided many “aha” moments and valuable takeaways.
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NYSAE Recognizes the Best of the Best

NYSAE’s Annual Synergy Awards Luncheon and Celebration of Community Service recognized outstanding service, leadership, websites, special achievements, and contributions to society. The April 18th progam, at the DoubleTree Metropolitan Hotel, was held in conjunction with the Technology Institute and Vendor Showcase. “This annual program,” said Louis Colletti, NYSAE chair of the Board, “allows NYSAE to pay tribute to our colleagues who give so much of their time, talents, and energy to our association, to their own, and to society at large.”

NYSAE gave awards to: Outstanding Association ExecutiveOutstanding Associate MemberDistinguished ServiceOutstanding Committee ChairpersonXV+ Years of ServiceSocial ResponsibilityCyberSpace Website Awards;  and  Information Technology Leadership.

The American Group Psychotherapy Association (AGPA) launched a branded channel on YouTube at www.youtube.com/user/agpa212

The Saratoga Convention and Tourism Bureau reports that after ending the year 2011 with large occupancy gains in September October, November, and December, January 2012 has delivered big results for Saratoga Springs & Saratoga County hoteliers.

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  • Self-talk is what you think and say about yourself both in your head and aloud
  • “The root of Twitter’s success,” writes Claire Diaz Ortiz, author of Twitter for Good (© 2011, Jossey-Bass)
  • Managing Foundations and Charitable Trusts: Essential Knowledge, Tools, and Techniques for Donors and Advisors (©2011 John Wiley & Sons), by Roger D. Silk and James W. Lintott,provides guidelines for charitable organizations for their donors and advisors.
  • “Non-profits, including schools, churches, and associations, fail to connect emotionally with their donors.


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